Matched betting advice: Rebuilding your bankroll

Life does not always go to plan, things often crop up unexpectedly and need to be dealt with.

This is the case for many Profit Accumulator members who find that they have to not only dip into their Matches Betting Bank but use almost all of it.

What is needed after that is a way to get back into Matched Betting.

We all know it works and we all know it builds your bank, but if you have already done all the sign-ups and need to restart with a small bank but only with reloads then it can be tough.

Here are some tips if you find yourself in this situation:

Don't panic

You can make this money back, the offers are there and the system works. Yes it will take some time to get back to where you were but be patient.

Do the offers that you can

Just get back to doing what you can. Take action each and every day and do the small offers that don't require much of a bank.

This is the most important thing really! You need to start doing offers again to get the money coming back in!

Risk-free only - for now

There is absolutely no point in risking any of your limited funds on advantage play offers, horse refunds etc. Stick to risk-free offers only until you have rebuilt yourself.

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Build that bankroll

If you can, then do not touch your Betting Bank again for a long period of time. Build it up, slowly at first, to an acceptable level to allow you to do multiple offers at once, accas, horse refunds etc.

The £300 and £1,000 a month threads are your friends

These threads will post all the risk free guaranteed money you can make each day. If you are short of time then these will help you to know what is guaranteed profit that day.

Members can find the £1,000 a month thread here and the £300-a-month thread.

Make a long-term plan and be positive

Think where you want to be with your Matched Betting in six months and in a year and be positive about getting there.

Don't worry about where you were before as that is now irrelevant, you need to move on and move forwards and upwards!

Check out the sign-up page again

New sign ups are regularly added and it is probable that there will be at least one that you have not done. This would be an easy way to gain some profit.

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Free spins

If there are any offers for totally free spins, even with loads of wagering, then make sure you are doing these.

There is absolutely no risk and you could make some money here.

Some people have had big wins from these offers.

Regularly check your inbox

This is one of the golden rules of Matched Betting!

Always always check your emails regularly as bookies often send you nice offers to tempt you to bet with them.

If you are not sure if the offer is risk free, or worth doing, then ask in the forum.

Learn Lock-Ins

These are often highlighted in the £300 and £1,000 a month threads and they are a really good way of making risk free money and building your bank.

You'll find the lock-ins thread here.


Matched betting with limited funds - advice from PA members

Some PA members shared their advice on how to start again with limited funds.

'Rebuild slowly'

Aless02 wrote: "Accas are nice but do require a decent bank to start rolling dozens at a time.

"I tend to focus on rebuilding slowly and reintroduce accass once I have gotten above at least £500. Lock-ins and refunds are useful no matter what your bank size is.

"Speaking as someone who has rebuilt from almost zero at least three times now.

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"Basically, my strategy is generally hit up as many reload offers as your bank allows (generally not horses, higher odds need higher banks and refunds are much harder to hit).

"I'm a casino person, so I do all low-risk casino offers (like the 2-3 weekly Ladbrokes ones) as generally don't lose any or much at all, and those free bets really add up.

"Plus, in all honesty, the quickest way to build bank is to hit some good casino win. So best do many casino offers and hope for a big win every so often (low-risk & risk free)!

"The £1,000-a-month thread is invaluable for lock-ins and the like too."

'Audit your accounts'

The Beard wrote: "Always worth doing an audit of all your accounts.

"I've rinsed my bank over Christmas and thought I had around £50 left.

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"However, quick tot up this morning revealed £145, including £33 I never knew I had in Genting.

"It's a bit like looking down the sides of the cushions in your sofa."

Ru4hie replied: "I once 'found' £230 in a Marathon Bet account."

'Stick to the bread and butter'

MioKontic wrote: "My advice would be don't go chasing it and thinking you can get it back quickly with non-risk-free casino offers as they can bite back.

"Stick to the break-and-butter, there's still plenty of offers."

"Some days are quiet but other days can be really good."

'Having a Skrill account can help'

Zark wrote: "I find having a Skrill account essential and I do accas.

"For the past six months i have been muddling around the £400 mark profit per month on a total bank of £1,000. At the end of month the £400 is spent on house stuff.

"I have recently upgraded to the acca catcher because I wanna limit time choosing accas and start Saturday horses.

"My main method is to ringfence £400 for accas, which means I start say six accas at odds around 5-6 for a £10 stake.

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"My liability is inside my ringfenced amount and when the acca has a loser, I immediately start another.

"This gives me a rolling system which can never pull my pants down.

"I'd rather do more accas at £10 than 3 at £50 because I play the odds in numbers for the refund.

"I use my free bets on the matches which I have in my accas to limit liability increases but I ring fence £200 for free bets."

"The Skrill account is invaluable for shifting money within 24 hrs so I am always one or two days ahead of the accas finishing if the free bet wins at the bookies."

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