Matched Betting Casino Offers Explained in a Nutshell

Taking advantage of casino offers and bonuses to make a profit is arguably one of the best kept secrets in matched betting.

Personally, when I first heard about matched betting, started reading about it, watching the free tutorial videos on Profit Accumulator and generally learning as much as I could about this side income method - I never, ever, came across anything that mentioned making money from casino offers – only sports offers.

Pretty much no one tends to mention casino offers to matched betting beginners because, to be perfectly honest, they often don’t know how to, without having to use terms such as ‘variance’, ‘wagering’ and ‘house edge’ etc. All this terminology can be both off-putting and overwhelming for any newbie. It can be even for more experienced matched bettors too!

It’s a real shame because it actually means so many people end up missing out on another excellent (and many would say far more profitable) way of making money from home.

In light of this we’re going to rectify this issue and introduce you to casino offers in a quick and simple way that will get you chomping at the bit to get started!

The matched betting casino offers strategy is...

1)   All about +EV...

Firstly, we don’t do anything to do with laying off bets like we do with sports offers. There is no ‘casino betting exchange equivalent’ for doing casino offers. You can’t really lay off a spin on a slot machine if you get my gist!

Instead, we use a completely different strategy – but just as clever as matched betting is - to profit from casino offers. The strategy doesn’t actually have an official name – we all just refer to it as ‘matched betting casino offers’ – which yes, is quite confusing, but there you go.

The first key foundation of the matched betting casino offer strategy you need to know is: only ever select to do what we know are ‘positive expected value’, or +EV, casino offers.

You don’t need to worry right now about what we mean by positive expected value, nor how we work it out – just understand that some casino offers and bonuses are +EV and that others are not, and that we as matched bettors only ever do +EV casino offers.

2)   ...and time

If we consider the matched betting sports offer strategy, and the fact that when it’s done correctly – i.e. when you don’t do a typo in your matched betting calculator (we’ve all been there!) – then you can’t lose, then the profit over time graph looks something like this:

The profit over time graph for the matched betting casino offers strategy though looks a bit different…














The overall, average trend over the long-term is an increase in profits – just like for matched betting sports offers (click here). However, the key difference is that over short periods of time there can be sudden downs in profits or sudden ups. The downs can obviously feel a bit off-putting right in the moment – but if you keep going past these times you’ll get results.

Consequently, the second key foundation of the matched betting casino offer strategy is: to always remember the big picture and to be prepared for the downs as well as the ups along the way.

The matched betting casino strategy works, and you don’t just have to take our word for it!

We could talk to you all day about how fantastic the matched betting casino strategy is – but it’s far better if you hear it directly from the horse’s mouth...

Here’s some recent comments from our members in our Facebook Group















You can see in the last comment our member was about to give up but decided to continue on - which was the best decision. Again, we can’t emphasize enough the importance of time and trusting the +EV (positive expected value) in this strategy!

Some members will certainly have kinder ups and downs than others do in the short term, but if you keep working through our extensive casino offers’ lists, then there are some obvious major profits to be had.

Here’s some more recent comments about casino offers and their long-term profit trend graphs from some members in our forum.

On a personal note – I was initially hesitant to start casino offers too, however it turned out to be the best decision I ever made. If you’re hesitant too then it’s also worth remembering that right now, during these unprecedented COVID times, might actually be the best time ever to start casino offers.

Matched betting casino offers with Profit Accumulator

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