Matched Betting Cheltenham 2021: How much could you make?

The 2021 Cheltenham Festival is just around the corner (16th March 2021) and all our members are currently focusing on pumping up their Matched Betting bankrolls so that they will be able to hit as many offers as they possibly can during the festival.

There will be Money-back Offers, Racing Refunds, Price Boosts, and of course Extra Places (EPs) to cash-in on. (Dutching opportunities for the most experienced members will be plentiful too).

Traditionally the Cheltenham Festival is the busiest and most profitable time of the year for anyone Matched Betting – but just how much can you make over the 4 days?

Matched Betting Cheltenham – Past Profit Stats

A member’s earnings over the 2021 Cheltenham Festival will depend on a number of key factors including (among other things):

  • Size of bankroll available;
  • Level of experience and knowledge;
  • Time spare to do Matched Betting;
  • How generous the bookies are feeling!

We can get an extremely good gauge of what will be possible this year based on members reported profits in the community forum from previous years.

Cheltenham Festival 2020 Profits

Average amount made per person (based on 50 responses) was £748.51.

Members with limited time and/or experience and/or available bankroll tended to hit profits anywhere between £265 to £500 over the 4 day festival.

While members with much more time and/or experience and/or available bankroll hit profits over £1,000 and some even over £2,000. (Extra Places and Dutching often having a part to play in this.)

2019 wasn’t much different from this as well...

Cheltenham Festival 2019 Profits

Average amount made per person (based on 94 responses) was £749.98

Again, newer members or those with less time and smaller/medium sized bankrolls usually hit £300-£600 in profit.

Those experienced members hitting the EPs and with hefty bankrolls again hit £1K or more...

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