Matched Betting Cheltenham 2021: Schedule, Tips & Strategy Guide

The Cheltenham Festival (Tuesday 16th March until Friday 19th March) is one of the biggest horse racing events of the year in the UK and is therefore also one of the most profitable times of the year for anyone Matched Betting - no matter if you're quite new to it or really experienced.

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Throughout the Cheltenham Festival the bookies will be pushing very competitive oddsloads of free bet offersmoney back specialsprice boosts and more extra place races, with ‘extra’ extra places. With such a quantity of quality offers being pushed it will definitely pay off to be as prepared as you can.

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In this article we're going to share a few general tips on Matched Betting the Cheltenham Festival and a strategy guide for how to approach each day of the festival. Anyone completely new to Matched Betting, relatively new to Matched Betting, or who has never done Matched Betting during a horse racing festival will hopefully find this article very helpful.

TIP 1 - Know the Schedule

Cheltenham Festival 2021 Races, ITV Races and Highlights

When Matched Betting any horse racing festival, such as Cheltenham, it’s extremely useful to have at least a rough idea of the daily race schedules, which races will be shown on ITV and which races are considered to be the ‘highlight’ for each day.

Although the bookmakers often run offers for us to profit from throughout the day many tend to focus key offers on the first race of the day or the ‘highlight’ race(s) of the day. It can also be the case that certain bookies also push offers on races they're sponsoring.

By knowing the schedule you can also plan your day better for Matched Betting. This is especially useful for those working full-time and Matched Betting.

The Cheltenham Festival is such a big event in the racing world that 6 of the 7 races, on all days, will be shown on ITV.

IMPORTANT UPDATE (16th March) - the 16:50 race each day will not be classed as an ITV race for various promotional offers.

Tuesday, 16th March 2021 - Champion Day

13:20 The Sky Bet Supreme Novices’ Hurdle Race
13:55 The Sporting Life Arkle Challenge Trophy Steeple Chase
14:30 The Ultima Handicap Steeple Chase
15:05 The Unibet Champion Hurdle Challenge Trophy (Grade 1) - Highlight Race
15:40 The Close Brothers Mares’ Hurdle Race
16:15 The Boodles Juvenile Handicap Hurdle Race (Grade 3)
16:50 The Sam Vestey National Hunt Novices’ Chase (Amateur Riders’ Novices’ Steeple Chase) (Grade 2)

Wednesday, 17th March 2021 - Ladies Day

13:20 The Ballymore Novices' Hurdle Race
13:55 The Brown Advisory Novices’ Steeple Chase (Grade 1)
14:30 The Coral Cup Hurdle (A Handicap Hurdle Race) (Grade 3)
15:05 The Betway Queen Mother Champion Steeple Chase (Grade 1) - Highlight Race
15:40 The Glenfarclas Cross Country Steeple Chase
16:15 The Johnny Henderson Grand Annual Handicap Steeple Chase Challenge Cup (Grade 3)
16:50 The Weatherbys Champion Bumper (A Standard Open NH Flat Race) (Grade 1)

Thursday, 18th March 2021 - St Patrick's Thursday

13:20 The Marsh Novices’ Chase (Grade 1)
13:55 The Pertemps Network Final (A Handicap Hurdle Race) (Listed)
14:30 The Ryanair Steeple Chase (Grade 1) - Highlight Race

15:05 The Paddy Power Stayers’ Hurdle (Grade 1) - Highlight Race
15:40 The Paddy Power Plate (A Handicap Steeple Chase) (Grade 3)
16:15 The Parnell Properties Mares Novices’ Hurdle (Grade 2)
16:50 Fulke Walwyn Kim Muir Challenge Cup

Friday, 19th March 2021 - Gold Cup Day - Highlight Day!

13:20 The JCB Triumph Hurdle
13:55 The McCoy Contractors County Handicap Hurdle Race
14:30 The Albert Bartlett Novices’ Hurdle Race
15:05 The WellChild Cheltenham Gold Cup Steeple Chase (Grade 1) - Highlight Race - One of the most sought after titles in racing. 
15:40 The St. James’s Place Festival Challenge Cup Open Hunters' Steeple Chase
16:15 The Mrs Paddy Power Mares' Steeple Chase
16:50 Martin Pipe Conditional Jockeys’ Handicap Hurdle


TIP 2 - Don't miss out on a single offer!

Missed offers mean missed profits - be sure not to miss out on anything.

There will be a lot going on over the 4 days of the festival. To be certain you don't miss a thing, we recommend doing all of the following...

1) Bookmark the Daily Cheltenham Reload Offer Index Pages
This can save you so much time! All you need to do is open each of the pages listed below right now and save them to your bookmark bar on your browser:


Once you've saved them all your bookmarks bar will look similar to this:


For each day of the festival you can then directly get to the main list of available offers in seconds.

As each day ends you can also remove them off your bookmark bar.

PLEASE NOTE: Days 2-4 will not be live until the evening before each day - but you can still bookmark these links ready. More reload offers will continuously be added to these pages as the bookies announce them so you will need to keep checking them regularly.

Here are the key reload offer pages worth bookmarking:

Cheltenham Day 1 Index: An index of offers for Day 1 of the festival (live now)

Cheltenham Day 2 Index: An index of offers for Day 2 of the festival (will go live evening of the 16th March)

Cheltenham Day 3 Index: An index of offers for Day 3 of the festival (will go live evening of the 17th March)

Cheltenham Day 4 Index: An index of offers for Day 4 of the festival (will go live evening of the 18th March)

2) Check your emails and texts regularly throughout the day:
Watch out for private or invite-only offers from the bookies coming directly to you. They can sometimes send them just an hour or so before a specific race so it can be worthwhile checking for these throughout the day when you have a minute or two spare.

If you receive this type of offer during Cheltenham (or any other time too!) and you're not sure if it's worthwhile doing or not - the best place to ask is in the forum on the topic "Sports - Is this offer worth doing?".

If you receive this type of offer and you know it's worth doing and have not already seen it anywhere on Profit Accumulator then also don't forget to let other members know in case they got it too. You can do this in the forum in the "Offers posted by members section".

3) Follow the OffersTeamPA on the Forum:
This is essential for making top profits from reloads and we highly recommend doing it if you're not doing so already.

How do you do this?

Open the forum then go to ‘OffersTeamPA’ here

Then click the green plus sign to follow the team and you’ll see every offer that they post in the forum and get a notification pop up each time they do.


4) 'Watch' the following Forum threads:
Another essential really!

The topics we recommend to watch for great profits over Cheltenham include:

How do you watch a topic?

By selecting the ‘Not Watching’ button on the topic and switching it to ‘Watching’


You will then get notifications pop up every time there is a new post in that topic.

Here’s an example of notifications coming from the Price Boost topic:



TIP 3 - Make sure you're 0% commission is active

At Smarkets and Matchbook (if eligible)

We already mentioned this in the 'How to Prepare for Cheltenham' article - but this is so vitally important to do it's worth us mentioning it again!

If you haven't already please follow this guide to get 0% commission at Smarkets.

If you haven’t signed up to Matchbook yet, follow this guide here to get 0% commission there too.

TIP 4 - Stick to what you know and can do well

Don't be tempted to jump in on the more advanced offers too soon

We all know experienced members, like Toby and Alun, will be smashing the Extra Places out over the Cheltenham Festival and you will undoubtedly see members sharing their 'EP Booms' when their horses hit and make them potentially hundreds of pounds in one go.

If you have not already been practicing Extra Place Offers before Cheltenham and read ALL the guides and tips on how to do them, at this point in time, so near the start of the festival don't decide to suddenly start trying to do them. Although highly profitable they are an advanced type of Matched Betting offer and need a fair bit of time to learn and master.

They are profitable to do all year round - so you really don't need to feel like you're missing out by not doing them. You can learn them later once you're experienced with other horse racing offers and then be ready to smash them as an experienced member at next year's Cheltenham instead.

TIP 5 - Keep calm and enjoy it!

Cheer those horses to come in 2nd, 3rd or 4th! 🙂

If you're hitting the horse racing refund offers (also known as the Money Back if X Offers) or similar do try to find the time to share with the community on Facebook which horse you're cheering on to place so you can get your free bet!

One of the best things about Matched Betting is that it can often be fun too - so don't forget that!

To avoid making any mistakes and/or stressing yourself out unnecessarily we do recommend that you get familiar with what to do if you have an unmatched/partially matched bet and also practice using the Fixabet calculator. If you do go astray though don't forget you have our entire support team plus thousands of experienced members all here to help you anytime via the Forum and our Facebook Group.

Beginners Daily Strategy Guide to Matched Betting Cheltenham 2021

There are loads of profits to be made over the next few days but if you’re quite new to Matched Betting it can be easy to get overwhelmed with what to do first. Don’t worry though as we’re here to help you! Here's a useful strategy guide for how you could approach each day.

  1. Do any and all Guaranteed Profit Offers first. Any easy Bet & Get offers, risk-free bets (refund if your horse loses) and direct free bets. ALWAYS get these done and dusted first whenever you can. We're recommending this as you don't want to tie up liability doing Potential Profit offers first then realize you don't have enough to do a Guaranteed Profit Offer.
  2. Keep an eye on Price Boosts. Throughout the day there will be numerous Price Boosts (enhanced odds) offers available which we can make a quick guaranteed profit from with very little effort. If the boost is on a strong favourite to win you could consider underlaying for a potential larger profit as well.
  3. Tackle Horse Racing Refunds (a.k.a. ITV Horse Racing) that have the best chance of occurring. On each day there will be a full list of these offers available. The top part of the list includes offers that give you a better chance of making a profit on. Complete these first before doing anything else.
  4. If you've not ever done Extra Places before - tackle any remaining Horse Racing Refunds. If you still have liability left over in your betting exchanges after completing all of the simpler offers (1-3 above) then you could consider also doing some of the refund offers that have a lower chance of occurring. (An example of such an offer would be £10 free bet if your horse finishes 2nd to the Starting Price (SP) favourite).
  5. If you've been practicing or already doing Extra Places - tackle these first before the lower value Horse Racing Refunds (4 above). If you still have some liability left over in your betting exchanges then now is the time to get on the Extra Place Offers. Often over Cheltenham there can be more choices of Extra Place Offer races so try to get on those first that are paying out on multiple places or those that have fewer runners in them. That last piece of advice was a test! If you didn't know that already you need to keep practicing your Extra Places with smaller stakes or by paper-trading first 🙂

Remember to take advantage of Shared Liability anytime you can as well. Using this as much as possible will allow you to get more offers done and make more profits.

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