Meet the team: James G

The team at Profit Accumulator is made up of some of the most experienced - and profitable - matched bettors.

They help our members earn sustainable money by finding offers, developing tools and, importantly, sharing their invaluable knowledge.

One member of our team, James, has been matched betting since 2011 and knows all the tricks of the trade.

"I also spend a lot of time looking after my accounts, more time than I actually do on the offers"

To coincide with the start of the new Premier League season, James is launching his matched betting diary, to offer an insight into his strategy, the offers he targets and the profits he makes.

Many PA members who use the forum will know him well but, for those who don’t, here’s a little more about James.

When did you start matched betting and how did you get into it?

Just over six years ago now, a friend on my pool team recommended it to me as he was doing it and doing well. I looked into it that day and never looked back!

Before you started work at PA, you were full-time - was that a big step for you? What did you do before?

Before I did matched betting I was a group manager in charge of several Subway stores.
To go full-time matched betting was definitely a big step but one I felt confident in doing as I was making more money matched betting than from my normal job!

Do you have a family to support - how much difference has matched betting made to your life?

I do yes, I have three very young children, a fiancee and a puppy to support.
Matched betting has given me the freedom to be a very hands-on dad, which I love and to be able to not worry about the cost of things.

How has matched betting changed since you started?

It has definitely changed a lot in the last six years and seems to be ever changing.
The offers were a lot simpler back then, Bet xx Get xx free were the main offers where as now a lot of them require more bets and more complicated ways of locking in profits. This is where PA and all its calculators really come in handy.

How have you not been gubbed by everyone?

I have been gubbed by quite a few but I think gubbings were not as commonplace back when I started and that allowed my accounts to build up a long-term loyalty. I also spend a lot of time looking after my accounts, more time than I actually do on the offers.

What are the advantages of matched betting?

The fact that you are in control of your finances and how much you make. The more time you put in and the more offers you do, the more you can make. Also. for full timers, there are all the advantages of working from home.

What skills do you need to be a good matched bettor?

I think anyone can become a good matched bettor. You don’t need to be good at maths or anything like that as PA have all the calculators that work it all out for you.
Therefore I would say you need to be able to follow instructions and also adapt to change when the offers change.

What would your advice be to new matched bettors?

To make sure you read all the training carefully and take notes if that helps you. Then make sure you read all the instructions carefully.
And above all else, ask questions! PA has a lot of very helpful members in the forum as well as the moderators and administrators so there is almost always someone around to help.

Your matched betting diary starts soon - what do you hope readers will get out of it?

Hopefully, it will give them an insight into what a full-time matched bettor does on a daily basis - which offers I do to make my profit.