Waiting between student loans hitting your bank account can be tough, normally resulting in a staple diet of baked beans on toast, hitting Tesco at midnight to ransack the reduced to clear section and mundane part-time jobs at minimum wage! What if there was an alternative to the stereotypical student job that you could do from anywhere, in your own time and even with a monstrous hangover from the comfort of your own duvet? Well there is and, if you fancy a break from the norm, then check out matched betting with Profit Accumulator.

Matched Betting In A Nutshell!

Matched betting is a quick, easy technique to take advantage of the many bookmaker free bets and bonuses that are out there. Essentially we turn the free bets into real cash by covering every outcome of an event to make profit! Our members can regularly make hundreds, if not thousands, of pounds each month, all tax free.

“It’s a scam! It’s Illegal! It’s sorcery!!!”

These are the typical responses when people first hear about matched betting and, whilst it sounds like a modern form of alchemy, all three of these responses are incorrect!

  1. It is not a scam! We have helped over 100,000 members earn extra cash since our inception in 2014
  2. It is 100% legal! And did I mention it is tax free?
  3. It’s not sorcery as such... but it is pretty close!

Benefits to a student

  • Be your own boss

You can do matched betting whenever you like and from wherever you like; at home, at the coffee shop, down the pub or even in bed!

  • Flexibility

Whilst there are busy matched betting periods you can pretty much choose what hours you “work”. Unlike a normal job, you can choose when you do it and for how long, fitting it around your course commitments. Got a deadline at Uni coming up? Then you can just change your matched betting schedule to suit this.

  • Make Serious Cash!

You can make some serious extra cash doing this! From the signup offers alone you can make a decent amount, tax free, with very little effort. After this you can continue to make money each and every month through the continuing offers dished out by the bookies! We have £300 and £1000 a month threads on our forum that highlight which offers you need to do to hit those targets. The £300 thread is for part-timers, the £1000 a month is for those who have more time to dedicate to it.

Click the links below to see videos (on Facebook) of the total reloads amount per month since the start of this year.

August reloads total = £1069.50
June = £1769
April = £1538
March = £1755
February = £1131
January = £1372

  • No Experience Required

Although it has betting in the title, you do not need to know anything about gambling or sports to get involved. Most of our members are not sports fans but that does not stop them earning extra cash each and every month. We have step by step instructions and video tutorials to guide you through the offers. There is also our forum, which is a great place to hang out and chat with matched betting students like yourself.

  • Low Cost Start Up

The costs to start up are minimal, all you need is:

  1. A computer/laptop/tablet/smart phone.
  2. Internet connection.
  3. Small starting betting balance (around £60 should do it, but can be less), this is to cover your qualifying bets in order to unlock the free bets. You never lose this money, it is more of a 'float'. We call it a starting bank and you can withdraw it at any time if you want.
  4. Become a PA member.
  • Refer your mates and earn cash

Become a member with us and for every mate you refer, and get to sign up, we will give you £10 cash, plus a £25 bonus on top for every 5 referrals. So refer 5 mates and we will send you £75 cash direct to your PayPal account! With no limits, to how many friends you can refer, you can earn some great extra dosh by getting your mates involved.

  • How much can I realistically earn?

Due to the fact that it all depends on how much initial bank you start with (more the better - so you can do more offers and take higher odds) and also how much time and effort you are willing to put in, we can't make any accurate estimates as to how much you will earn. We did however poll our members to ask them, and they reported earning on average between £800-£1500* from the signups alone. After this, when you begin the reloads (ongoing bookie offers), you can easily make around £300+ a month (at least!) dependent on how much time you put in.

We have a couple of great threads on the forum to help you on your way. For those of you who only wish to do a few hours a week we have the “How to make £300 a month” thread. For those who want to do a little bit more, we have the “How to make £1000 a month” thread. We regularly go above and beyond these totals on a monthly basis!

Here are some examples of what some of our members made in August:

Interested in getting involved?

Check out our free trial which provides new members a chance to see how matched betting works, with step by step demonstrations, and earn around £45 in the process!

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For more info on what matched betting is, check out these articles:

* based on a survey of 450 PA members. Results may vary.