Matched Betting in Australia

Matched Betting in Australia offers an awesome opportunity to make money online for anyone and everyone that’s savvy enough to see that it is really and truly possible to beat the bookies at their own game.

Bookmaker sign up bonuses in Australia are very generous. Ongoing offers for existing customers are also substantial. Both these facts arguably make Matched Betting in Australia even more lucrative right now than it even is in the UK.

Unfortunately, no where near enough people in Australia know about Matched Betting or just how much extra (tax-free) cash it could be making them every month.

Here at Profit Accumulator we’ve decided to change all that by spreading the news about Matched Betting and launching our top-class services in Australia too!

Matched Betting in Australia with Profit Accumulator

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What is Matched Betting?

Beating the bookies at their own game!

If you’re based in Australia and never heard of Matched Betting before why not take just 3 minutes of your time to watch our welcome video and see what it’s all about?

Trust us – watching this video will turn out to be the most profitable 3 minutes you’ve ever spent!

In brief, Matched Betting is a simple technique that, when done properly, turns bonus money from bookmakers into cash in our pocket – but in a way that ensures that we can never lose any of our own money.

Guaranteed your first reaction on reading this statement is – No way! That’s not possible!

Well, we’re sorry to tell you this but it is 100% possible.

We, and thousands of our members, make money doing Matched Betting literally every single day.

Not convinced?

Good - as that means you're just the right kind of person to do Matched Betting -  smart!

Proof Matched Betting Really Works

Matched Betting started in the UK just over 10 years ago and is now a well established way to make an extra income from home there.

If you join our 30,000+ strong Facebook Group you can ask our UK members for yourself if Matched Betting really does work or not. Then once you see it does work – which you 100% will do there – then please swap over into our Facebook Group for Australia(As we're just launching in Australia at the time of writing our group there is relatively small - it won't take long until it's in the 1000's though that's for sure!)

If you’d like even more hard evidence that Matched Betting really works, you can also head over to the Daily Mail and read how one of our members, Carlene, learned Matched Betting with us and made over £30,000 in 3 years – all whilst doing her nursing degree too!

Carlene really shows what’s possible with Matched Betting when you decide to go for it.


Finally, if you’d prefer to see for yourself how Matched Betting in Australia works, then sign up to our free trial. The trial includes training tutorials, video guides and a full walk-through on an Aussie Matched Betting offer where you can make $75 completely tax-free without any worry of losing your own money.

Matched Betting sounds a lot like some kind of gambling

We know the word betting in Matched Betting is very off-putting as it does suggest it’s some kind of gambling.

It is really, really not though.

The best way to show you why it’s not gambling is to look at one very simple distinction that can be made between gambling and Matched Betting.

A punter (or gambler) absolutely ALWAYS cares about the outcome of a game. This is because they only make money if a certain thing happens in the game. Such as the Magpies winning vs the Cats in the Australian Football League (AFL).

A matched bettor on the other hand NEVER cares about the outcome of a game. This is because they make money no matter what happens in the game. Whether the Magpies win, lose or draw vs the Cats they will make their money.

Want to see how this is possible?

Sign up to our free trial – watch the training videos and you’ll see! It’s simpler than you think and you don’t even need to know anything about sports either!

How much can you make from Matched Betting bookie bonuses in Australia?

There are currently just over 20 bookmakers in Australia.

For those living in Victoria, Queensland, Tasmania, ACT and the Northern Territory you can access the signup bonuses from all these bookies directly when you sign up with them.

For those based in New South Wales, South Australia and Western Australia you can usually access signup bonuses from these bookies once you send a quick email or message to their customer services.

Regardless of where you’re located in Australia though there’s thousands of dollars in risk-free cash to be made just by Matched Betting these signup bonuses.

What happens after you cash-in on all these signup bonuses though? Does your Matched Betting journey in Australia come to an end then?

Definitely not!

In fact, you’ll only just be at the very beginning of your journey!

After the signup offers there’s thousands more that you can make from the ongoing existing customer, or reload, bonuses that the bookies offer.

These bonuses are actually more profitable for us than the initial signup bonuses are. Once you get the hang of doing these reload bonuses it’s possible to make $1000 a month and even more from them with very little effort indeed.

What do you need for Matched Betting in Australia?

To register to Australian bookmakers and be eligible to receive their signup bonuses you need to be resident in Australia.

During registration you will usually have to provide proof of your address, an ID (passport or similar), and an Australian bank account.

Want to know more about Matched Betting in Australia?

Head over to Profit Accumulator Australia and sign up for the free trial.

Watch the training videos and follow the guides to make your first $75.

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Profit Accumulator Australia Launch Offer - $1 for 14 days

(Offer T&Cs apply. Only available for members based in Australia. Offer will only be available for a limited time.)