Is matched betting sustainable long term?

It's among the most common questioned asked by people curious about PA: Is matched betting sustainable?

Many people think that matched betting long term is not possible because it relies on new customer offers from bookmakers.

Bookie sign-up offers are the best place to start for most people but it's a myth that matched betting is not sustainable.

Making matched betting sustainable

Long-term matched betting is entirely possible. Profit Accumulator is home to thousands of members who continue to earn profits each month, long after the sign-up offers and free bets have dried up.

Bookies' new customer offers are designed to attract new players and can be highly lucrative and, at PA, we always encourage customers to start with those.

They help new members get to grips with the process and, importantly, are a great way of building up your bank balance, which will come in very useful down the line.

Typically, new customer offers are something like "bet £10, get £30 free". The free trial available to new members includes Betfred's sign-up offer of exactly that.

There are more than 50 sign-up offers to work through at PA, from which you should be able to generate more than £1,000 profit. Depending on how much time you can spare and your bank, it's possible to work through all the sign-up offers in a month or two.

But what comes next?

Matched betting long term

After completing the sign-up offers, members usually then move on to a combination of reload offers and advanced matched betting techniques.

The knowledge and experience built-up by completing the sign-up offers, as well as continued support from our team and other matched bettors help when making the step up.

Reload offers

Reload offers are similar to sign-up offers in that they are incentives to bet. The difference is that they are aimed at existing customers. Bookies want their customers to keep gambling, so these offers are more common than you might think. You can make sure you're invited to take advantage by ensuring you're on the mailing list of all bookies.

The best way to make sure you don't miss out is to check our £1,000-a-month guaranteed profit thread.

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Football and horse racing refunds

Another way of making your matched betting sustainable is to move on to advanced techniques including horse racing refunds and football accumulator refunds. These techniques are not always guaranteed to generate profits but they are low risk and can be highly lucrative.

A horse racing refund is usually along the lines of "money back if your horse finishes second". In this case, possible to back and lay horses so that, if your horse finishes in second, you make a chunky profit. These offers are prominent during  events such as the Cheltenham Festival and the Grand National but also on a regular basis at lower-profile meetings.

Profit Accumulator members have access to a powerful tool - Match Catcher - as well as in-depth instructions on how to maximise profits from horse racing refunds.

Similarly, bookmakers also regularly offer football accumulator refunds, such as "money back if one team lets you down". Matched bettors are able to lay the legs of accumulators to neutralise risk and generate a profit.

Again, members have access to a bespoke piece of matched betting software - Acca Catcher - that helps with this.

Other football offers

There is a variety of other regular football offers that can be used to generate significant profits from matched betting long term.

One example is Betfred's Double Delight, Hat-trick Heaven offer, which sees the odds doubled or trebled on first goalscorer markets if the player scores twice or three times. PA now offers a DDHH calculator to help members take advantage of this offer.

Another popular regular offer that members exploit is Paddy Power's 2up offer, which sees bets paid out as a winner if a team goes two goals up or a player takes a two-set advantage during tennis.

Advice on long-term matched betting

When looking to make matched betting sustainable, there are a few basic rules to follow

  • Allow your bank to build up - the bigger your pot, the greater your profits
  • Use the forum - the £1,000-a-month thread is invaluable
  • Look after your accounts - be sure to place plenty of mug bets to prevent gubbing
  • Learn new techniques - don't be afraid to move on to advanced methods