Matched Betting Tips – 20 Tips For Mega Profits!

You can use these top Matched Betting tips to help you maximise your profits. Our Matched Betting experts have put together this list to help you succeed, whether you are a complete beginner or looking to take your Matched Betting to the next level.

Follow these tips and you could be the next Profit Accumulator success story!

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1 - Sign Up To Profit Accumulator's Free Trial

If you're new to Matched Betting then number 1 of our matched betting tips is to start your Profit Accumulator free trial. 

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It is completely free - we don’t take any card details or ask for any payment - you register with your email address - that’s it.

In your free trial, you have access to five beginner tutorials with step by step guides and training videos. Here, you can learn all the basics for free and work through two sign up offers to make yourself up to £45 cash! What's more, our amazing support team will be on hand to help if you ever have any questions. It's the perfect way to give Matched Betting a go! 

2 - Open A Separate Email Account

Creating a new email address is free and simple to do. Having a separate email address will keep the process much more manageable.

You can use your new email address to sign up for new bookmaker accounts. This will keep your Matched Betting emails separate from your personal emails. Bookies will often send you promotional offers, which can be very profitable. Its very useful have these offers, plus any other Matched Betting emails in one place.

We would recommend creating a Google Mail account. It's quick to set up, free and it's the most common email domain so you'll fit in amongst non-Matched Bettors. 

3 - Open A Separate Bank Account

The third of our matched betting tips is to have a separate bank account that you use for Matched Betting.

A separate bank account will make it much easier for you to track your deposits and withdrawals. Plus, it will help you grow your bankroll and avoid spending your profits too soon.

Its also a good idea to keep your matched betting separate in case you ever want to apply for a financial product like a credit card or mortgage.

Perhaps the most popular bank account with Matched Bettors is Starling's Personal Account. But, any basic account with a high street bank like HSBC or Lloyds should work well.

4 - Join Our Matched Betting Community

Our next tip is a big one...make sure you have joined our incredible Facebook Community.

Home to over 40,000 Matched Bettors, it's the perfect place to ask questions and get help. You'll feel at home with our members of all experience levels, and our expert team.

5 - Get 0% Commission On Smarkets

As a Profit Accumulator member, you can set up your Smarkets account so that you pay 0% commission. This means you will pay no commission at all on every lay bet that you place! 

No commission means more profit on every single offer that you complete! This is an incredible benefit that could pay for Profit Accumulator membership on its own. Act now and join the thousands of Profit Accumulator members who are benefiting from this amazing deal.

6 - Track Your Progress

Tracking your progress is very important for keeping you motivated when Matched Betting. Seeing your profits grow can be extremely rewarding and will encourage you to keep getting stuck into more offers. 

One option is to set up a simple Matched Betting spreadsheet that you use to track your offers. But, we would highly recommend using our Matched Betting Profit Tracker. This is an amazing tool that will allow you to quickly and easily record your profit from every offer.

The Profit Tracker splits your earnings by month. You can see how much you've earned that month, as well as your total profit since you started. You can view this on a snazzy graph. Plus you can filter by month or bookmakers to see when you earned the most or which bookies are performing best for you.

7 - Double Check Every Bet

Mistakes happen, even to the most experienced Matched Bettors. Betting on the wrong team, laying the wrong amount or the wrong market, it happens. But when it does, it can be costly. 

You should always be careful to double check every bet that you place. And try to avoid Matched Betting in a hurry or whilst distracted. Are you backing the right team in the right match? Are you laying the correct amount on the right selection? Slowing things down and double checking could save you from a costly mistake.

Also be careful to check the for important offer terms to ensure you meet the requirements for an offer. We don't want to miss out on profit because we've not followed the T&Cs. Check for things like what time your bets have to be placed by, what markets you can bet on and whether there are any minimum odds. These details will always be stated in our offer guides, so make sure you follow our guides.

8 - Be Consistent

One of the most important Matched Betting tips is to keep taking action and be consistent. 

Once you’ve learnt the basics and know how to make a profit from Matched Betting, it’s now time to make the most out of your new skill and make some serious profit! 

If you can try to commit a set amount of time each day, you’ll begin to see some excellent results. It doesn’t need to be a particularly long period of time each day. Many of our members manage to make a fantastic side income by spending around half an hour a day Matched Betting. 

This is often around member’s full-time jobs and busy lifestyles. Read more about how our members balance busy lifestyles and Matched Betting in our meet the members section. 

9 - Keep Growing Your Bankroll

As your profits grow, it can be very tempting to spend the extra money that you find yourself with. We would encourage you to try and avoid spending your bankroll, at least at first. To reach a stage where you are earning significant profits each month, you will need a larger bankroll.

With this in mind, try to avoid spending your profits initially and let your Matched Betting bankroll grow. A larger bankroll means you can take on more offers at the same time. You will not have to wait for bets to settle and you won’t run out of money in your exchange account to cover the liability for your lay bets.

We would recommend aiming to grow your bankroll to at least £500, but if you want to make serious ongoing profits, a £1000+ could be very beneficial. 

10 - Have Your KYC Documents Ready

As Matched Betting tips go, this isn't the most exciting one. But, make sure you have your KYC documents saved and ready.

Bookmakers must adhere to legal requirements. They must verify your identity, age and residency. This is a part of a bookies KYC (know your customer) obligations to stop fraud and money laundering. It's actually a great thing as it protects us all!

You may sometimes receive an email from a bookie requesting a photo of certain documents. This is usually photo ID (drivers license or passport) and your bank statement.

This is likely to happen at some point in your Matched Betting journey. So, it’s worth taking these photos now and saving them somewhere on your phone or computer. This way whenever you get a KYC request, you can respond right away and get all the boring admin out of the way.

11 - Use An Oddsmatcher

This Matched Betting tip will be a huge time saver and help you maximise your profits from every offer! If you are not already, make sure that you use an Oddsmatcher tool to find your bets.

Profit Accumulator's Oddsmatcher compares the back odds at the bookies with the lay odds at the betting exchanges. This amazing piece of software does this to find the closest matches. This shows you the qualifying bets that have the smallest losses and the free bets with the biggest profits. It also has loads of amazing filters and exchange integration. This allows you to place your lay bets from within the oddsmatcher tool!

This will save you time and help you make more profit, making this matched betting tip is a complete no brainer!

12 - Never Gamble

As Matched Bettors, we use gambling sites every day, but we never gamble. We are only interested in placing bets when there is an offer that can make us money. 

Make sure that you never gamble. Resist any temptation to stray away from Profit Accumulator's strategies. Gambling is a slippery slope and can snowball into you wiping out your profits, or worse, so don't do it.

Stick to the Matched Betting strategies that we recommend and enjoy the profits!

13 - Complete All the Signup Offers

It can be tempting to jump into the reload offers after completing a few of the signup offers. Whilst it’s fine to start a few basic reload offers, you should prioritise completing all of the signup offers.

The signup offers will not only help you grow your bankroll but also prepare you well to start the reload offers. During the signup offers you will learn how to complete a variety of offers which will help you going forward.

You will also have opened up the majority of bookmaker accounts so you will be well prepared and in a great position to move on to the reload offers.

14 - Accept You Might Get Gubbed

Another of our Matched Betting tips is to not worry about being gubbed. This is when you can no longer be able to take advantage of a bookie's special offers or promotions. This can be disappointing, but it isn’t the end of the world. There will still be plenty of profit available.

There are so many bookmakers out there that it shouldn't slow you down much if you lose a few accounts. You will find that a handful of bookmakers are very quick to gub accounts, while others are much more lenient. All you can do is your best and follow these top tips to help you avoid being gubbed.

15 - Use Multiple Betting Exchanges

You should have started your Matched Betting journey by signing up to Smarkets. They are the main betting exchange that we recommend because they offer amazing commission deals, a wide range of markets and great odds. But, as you grow in experience, you will probably find that it is useful to also have a Matchbook exchange account.

Matchbook works in much the same way as Smarkets, but you may find that they sometimes have better odds and they offer some markets that Smarkets do not. For example, Skybet often offer a price boost on a certain player to have 1+ shots on target in a football match. At the time of writing, Smarkets don't offer a shots on target lay market. But, Matchbook usually do, allowing you to sometimes lock in an instant profit from such price boosts. 

Having 2 betting exchange accounts gives you a bit more flexibility to find the best odds, plus all the lay markets that you might want.

Once you've mastered the above Matched Betting tips, you can move on to these more advanced Matched Betting tips.

16 - Learn How To Do Early Payout Offers

Early payout offers (also known as 2up offers) are arguably the best Matched Betting offers around. This offer runs exclusively for existing customers of Bet365, Paddy Power and Star Sports.

For a regular punter, the offer in itself is quite simple: If the team they bet on goes 2 goals ahead of the other team at any time, the bookmaker will pay them out as a winner regardless of what the final result of the match is.

As shrew Matched Bettors, we call follow certain strategies to potentially make amazing profits from early payout offers.

17 - Learn How To Do Extra Place Offers

Extra places are an advanced horse racing offer that could make you amazing profits. In an attempt to attract more punters, many bookies run an offer where they pay out more places on each-way bets than the betting exchanges do. 

For example the bookies may pay out 5 places on each-way bets, when the betting exchange is only paying 4 places. We can place a matched bet for a small qualifying loss, and if our horse finishes in the ‘extra place’ position (in this example 5th place) we would win both our back and lay bets for a big profit. 

By placing three bets, you can cover all outcomes of a horse race. This then gives you a super low-risk chance of a large return from extra places! You can do extra place offers multiple times every single day. Extra places are particularly lucrative around big horse racing festivals such as Cheltenham.

You can learn more about this strategy in our four-part Horse Racing Extra Places guide.

18 - Learn How Casino Offers Work

You may have considered casino slots and games as a certain way to lose money. And usually, you would be absolutely right. However, there is a way that you could use the casino’s own strategy against them.

You can do this by focusing on only doing a certain selection of casino offers, which cause the odds to stack in your favour, rather than the casinos. By doing this, you will end up making the money over the long term just like the casinos.

Our Diamond membership has everything that the Platinum membership has PLUS everything you need to beat the casinos at their own game. You can learn more in our Matched Betting Casino offers guide.

19 - Focus On Expected Value

Unlike the sports signup offers where you can simply back and lay to lock in a profit, the more advanced offers require a long term mindset and a focus on Estimated Value (EV).

Advanced reload offers won’t make you a profit every time. There is the potential to go for some periods where you don’t make any profit, and may even lose a little money. 

But, instead of focusing on your profit, you should focus on EV as much as possible. You are only doing offers where the mathematical advantage is in your favour (+EV). This means that whilst in the short term you may lose money, in the long term, the more offers you complete, the more profit you can expect to make. 

Before beginning advanced reload offers, it’s a good idea to make sure you understand EV and that you need to take a long term mindset.

20 - Utilise Your Gubbed Accounts

You will be excited to hear that there is life in your bookmaker accounts long after they have been gubbed!

Although you will want to do your best to avoid being gubbed, there are some ways that you can still profit from these accounts. The three main strategies to do this are:

There are lots of Profit Accumulator members who have continued to make amazing profits using gubbed accounts, take this member for example.

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