Matched betting without free bets if you already have accounts with most bookies

Many people are put off matched betting because they already have accounts with many of the major bookmakers. But matched betting without free bets for new customer offers is entirely possible.

One of the most common questions we get asked by people thinking of signing up is along the lines of "I already have accounts with most of the bookies - can I still do it?".

And the answer is absolutely, yes.

Profit Accumulator members have access to 55 sportsbook sign-up offers but even if you already have accounts with all of them, it doesn't mean you can't take part in matched betting.

Matched betting without free bets for new customers is how our members keep a sustainable income coming in.

The main way we do this is using existing customer offer - or "reloads" as we call them.

Bookies offer hundreds of reload offers every week and our team list them all and provide instructions on how to maximise profit from each one of them.

Advice on matched betting without free bets

While the sign-up offers will generate the biggest hit of profit over a short space of time, the long-term income will come from existing 'reload offers'.

The main advantage of having the sign-up offers to complete is that they will allow you to build up your bankroll. But, if you already have accounts with most bookies, you can use the reload offers straight away - it just might take you a little longer to build bigger profits.

The best way to find which offers to do each day is to use the forum. There are threads dedicated to showing you how to make either £1,000 a month or £300 a month, depending on how much time you have.

For example, the guaranteed profit for April 2017 was more than £2,000.

Every day, our team update the thread and, if you follow the instructions, then you will hit those monthly targets.

Switching to reload offers

Here's some great advice from one of our matched betting experts.

Use Your Time Efficiently

When you first started Matched Betting, it probably took you around an hour just to get a single offer done. Watching the videos on PA, registering the accounts, depositing, finding a match, putting it into the calculator, finding the bet, placing the bets.

I can do that entire process in about fivc minutes - and that's what you need to aim for.

In an hour of betting, I can easily get five or six different offers done (or more). You just need to practice a lot, and get comfortable with where everything is and what the process is. I highly recommend a desktop computer with multiple monitors and a mouse (not a laptop touchpad). The effects it will have on your productivity are incredible.

Learn Not to Care

Log on to your computer and into your PA account. Flick down to the "Reloads" section of your account, and you'll always see a huge variety of different reload offers to get done. It's ok to have preferences (some reloads are a lot quicker/easier/more profitable than others), but it's very important that you step out of your comfort zone and try different offers.

You also need to disassociate yourself from the outcome. As long as you are pursuing value, the profits will come. Focus on getting as many offers done as possible, and don't focus on how much profit each individual offer has made (although, do keep track of your profit and loss on each offer, but don't dwell on it).

Types of reload offers

Here's an outline of the types of matched betting offers that can be done with existing accounts, and how matched betting without free bets is possible.

Bet X Get Y: These are the offer types you're probably most familiar with and probably the easiest to dip your toes into. Generally, you place bets up to a required amount, and you'll be given a free bet as a reward. An example would be the Skybet Free Bet Club (available every week), which involves simply placing £25 worth of bets on Skybet in one week. This could be a single £25 bet or several smaller bets, and you get a £5 free bet. You might scoff at such a small amount, but you should be able to do the offer in literally 5 minutes. Do it every week and that's an extra £260 a year.

Refund if loses: You'll see these appear fairly often in two formats. William Hill often do £5 risk free on a specific slot game for example. With these types of offers, you simply deposit £5 into the account and start playing the specified slot game. If your balance goes above £5 at any point, you stop because you've made a profit. Otherwise, you play until you lose your fiver, and they'll refund it when the promotion ends. Again, these aren't guaranteed to make a profit, but they're risk free, and you can hit massive wins doing these. They take literally a couple of minutes. Do them consistently and you'll profit over time.

Refund if XYZ: These are probably the most common types of reload offers. You'll see them in the Horse Racing Refunds, Football Refunds, and lots of other formats. An example would be something like "Place a £50 bet on a horse, and you'll get a refund if your horse finishes second." There are a lot of detailed instructions on these that you can find at the top of the offers themselves, but the general principle of these offers is to back and lay something in an eligible market, whilst keeping your qualifying loss as low as possible, and simply hope that you meet the criteria for the refund. This gives you a free bet that you can use to make a profit.

Casino Wagering - Wager X Get Y: The last major category of reload offers are the casino wagering offers. A lot of newbies struggle with the logic behind these. Let's take an example of an offer from Betfair: Stake £100 on any of the eligible slot games, and you get 25 free spins. This offer is as simple as it sounds - stake through a total of £100 on the slot game, and you'll get some free spins. Now, obviously this offer is not risk free, but it's also not as bad as it sounds, either.

The average will always come through over the long term. You might do this offer 10 times, and the first 9 times you make nothing at all, or you even lose £5-10 each time - but on the 10th time, you hit a huge payout of £300+. This is called "variance". You'll have ups and downs, but over the bigger picture, the value you've taken will make sure you are in profit. Remember - you have the house edge. This is why it's different than gambling. "The Matched Bettor always wins". Value always wins.