The World Cup is almost upon us. The opening ceremony is on the 14th June and the tournament runs until the 15 July. As a spectacle it should be great, but is there a way of making money from it?

In short, yes...and we don’t mean gambling.

There will still be a lot of gambling. Any large football tournament means an increase in betting activity. People are more likely to have a flutter if they are caught up in the excitement. A lot of football on TV also means a lot of betting adverts, which in turn will increase betting activity.

Believe it or not this increase in gambling activity is actually a good thing. This is because all the bookmakers will be hoping for a slice of the action, and the main way that they try and attract new customers or get existing customers to bet more, is by using free bet offers as a marketing tool.

Here at Profit Accumulator we give you the tools, support and knowledge to take advantage of these offers. With our help you could make some easy money. This method of making money is called matched betting, and we’re the experts at teaching people how to do it. Since we launched in 2014 we've had over 100,000 paying members use our service.

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What Is Matched Betting?

Matched betting is a way of making money online. It’s actually recognised as the most effective way of making money online.

The premise is simple. Sign up to a bookmaker to be eligible for their free bet offer, then use our instructions and software to place the required bets to cash out the offer. We have step-by-step video guides on all of the offers, so all you have to do it follow these instructions to make money. It’s as simple as that. Trust in the system, it works.

Check our interviews with our members here.

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As previously mentioned, the World Cup is a great time to start. The excitement is starting to build, and the good news for matched bettors is that the offers are starting to filter through already.

What Happened In The Last Major Tournament?

The last major football tournament was Euro 2016 and in terms of offers, it was a good one.

Many bookies had ‘Bet £x get £x’ offers which were very profitable. There was actually a steady stream of ‘Bet £25 get £25’ or ‘Bet £10 get £10’ on every match from multiple bookmakers. These bet and get type offers are easy to complete and very easy to profit from. In 2016 for example, Bet365 had a bet and get offers on all England and Wales games in Euro 2016.

If England have an extended run (a big if!) the bookies could go crazy with offers.

What Shall I Do To Prepare?

If you’re brand new to matched betting, the first thing is to sign up to the free trial and get your head around the process. Click here to create a free account.

Then when you’ve seen how easy it is, upgrade your membership and work your way through the signup offers. We have over 60 of these in total. If you’re signing up now, do the big bookmakers first so you are eligible for their World Cup promotions. Bookmakers give offers to existing customers as well, it's not just new signups. Some bookmakers will actually do an enhanced signup bonus during the run up to the tournament as well, another reason to start now.

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When you become a member our top tip is to do your research and always keep learning. We have loads of training guides, video tutorials, forum threads and general information on matched betting and each individual offer. We also have software to make the process easier and customer service and forum admins to answer any questions you might have. If you invest the time to learn, you can make easy money.

Sounds Good, What Next?

Now is a great time to start matched betting. The World Cup is the biggest event in World football and the bookmakers will be offering loads of free bet offers to try and entice people.

If you’re interested in finding out more, sign up to our free trial. We’ll talk you through the first two signup offers and you will earn up to £45.

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