Platinum Plus ‘is a game-changer’ for matched betting

To continue using Match Catcher after the free trial, a Platinum Plus membership is required.

The service makes maximising profit easier and more efficient every month.

As well as continued access to Match Cather, Platinum Plus members get also get access to Acca Catcher.

Acca Catcher allows users to build profitable football accumulators, while Match Catcher is a leading tool designed to maximise profits from horse racing refunds.

Platinum Plus is 'a game changer'

Here's some feedback from some of our Platinum Plus members:

Bones85 said: "Just got it! Wow, this is seriously going to help my horse refund reloads. Great App!

Crakkmoney said: "It's a really great bit of software. Impressive job."

MatchBet said: "The notification feature is my favourite part of it. The ability to set up any race, tick all your requirements and just wait for the audible alert saves hours of scouring the sites and allows you to cover so many more events that you wouldn't have done otherwise."

Match Catcher

Other member testimonials

“Have to say that this is superb. Being able to see a live feed of qualifying loss, not having to use the calculator, this is going to make life so much easier.”

“I think it's a game-changer. It reduces my time on racing days down by two hours easy.

"I saw it reduce my overall QL. Since the arrival of the alert system, in my opinion it's brilliant.”

Platinum Plus membership

As well as access to Match Catcher and Acca Catcher, Platinum Plus members benefit from enhanced support.  There is also a dedication section of the forum dedicated to advanced matched betting for those who also have a Platinum PA account.

Platinum Plus membership costs £15.99 per month.

Platinum Plus membership includes:

  • Access to Acca Catcher
  • Access to Match Catcher
  • Access to the Platinum Plus forum
  • Enhanced customer support

Platinum Plus membership is separate from any Profit Accumulator membership you might currently have.