What we're about

Our mission has always been to help our members' earn money online. Now, we're introducing our very own loyalty scheme, to reward our most loyal members and put even more cash back in their pocket.

Members can check the status of their loyalty bonus by clicking 'my account'

How it works: monthly members

Let's go through how it works: If you're signed up to a monthly subscription, your membership will drop from £17.99 to £14.99 after 12 concurrent months.

Sound good? All you have to do is keep your membership running without interruption for those periods.

Yearly members

For the savvy folks paying their membership yearly, they also get savings. After your first year your membership drops from £150 to £125. Which makes your membership roughly £10 a month.

Check out our Loyalty Scheme infographic

Here's a useful infographic that explains things in a more colourful way:

Profit accumulator loyalty membership fee

Our members come first

So, there it is. If you're already a member just keep going the way you are and you'll qualify for the discounts. If you're thinking about signing up? You'll be saving more money as you go along, as well as earning money through us. There really is nothing to lose here.

This is just one of many big changes planned to give our members a better experience here at Profit Accumulator. You guys come first and we're continually thinking of ways to give back to you.

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Loyalty scheme details

Monthly Plans:
Reduction from £17.99 to £14.99 after 12 concurrent months

Annual Plans:
Reduction from £150 to £125 after year 1.

Please contact us at least 72 hours BEFORE your next yearly billing is due.

In order to claim your loyalty bonus, your subscription must have been active for the aforementioned period of months without interruption. (Bounced payments resolved within a few days are ok). To claim, please email [email protected].

We are working on a more dynamic way to implement and track this, but for now it will need to be manually via email.

Note that we will not issue retroactive refunds in relation to this, only adjust future payments going forwards.
Please note that we are unable to offer this discount on Click Bank payments - If you swap to PayPal, previous Click Bank payments will be taken into consideration