PROOF that the bookies HATE Matched Betting…

Bookies and casinos make their profits by having a constant edge over their customers. This is their basic business strategy.

Their business strategy could also be described as the perfect guide on how to be an evil villain too!

Bookies have to be winning at least 51% of the time and their customers 49% of the time – otherwise they won’t be profitable. (Their true advantage is much more than just 51% though!).

They give themselves the edge over their customers by ensuring the odds they provide are always in their favour.

They are also very adept at creating the illusion to their customers that it’s possible for them to win – even though over the long-term it’s really not possible for them too - at all.

Based on these facts it then becomes quite obvious what the bookies will think about anyone who manages to tip the odds in their favour, anyone that finds a loop-hole that gives themselves the edge, or that beats them at their own game...

They don’t like them! In fact, they hate them!

What do the bookies really think about Matched Betting?

The bookies really HATE Matched Betting because it’s a completely legal loop-hole that enables people to essentially win every bet they do without gambling at all and to make hundreds of pounds in tax-free cash every month.

Matched Betting could also be described as the best strategy on how to become a hero that can beat the evil, villainous bookies too.

Apart from Matched Bettors constantly making money from them, one of the other main reason bookies really don’t like Matched Betting is that they can’t do anything to stop it without shooting themselves in the foot too.

The sports betting industry in the UK and Ireland is so highly competitive that bookies have to offer their customers free bets and promotions to keep them betting with them over other bookies. To stop Matched Betting a bookie would have to stop giving out freebies which would make them much less interesting to regular punters compared to their competitors.

Unless all the bookies get together and unanimously agree to stop giving out promotions then they can’t stop Matched Betting. Fortunately for us such a scenario is extremely unlikely.

The bookies also get very frustrated with Matched Betting as there is also no legal clause they can put in their terms to stop people from doing it.

They can’t ban you from being smart enough to cover your bets so that you can’t lose and only profit!

This would be like trying to ban you from betting with any other bookmaker apart from themselves, or Amazon Marketplace trying to tell you you’re not allowed to use Ebay! It’s just not going to happen!

They are your bets and your free bets – you can do what you want with them.

The only ‘weapon’ the bookies have against anyone Matched Betting is the old gub stick. Even when we get gubbed and no longer have access to free bets though, with all the casino offers and advanced reload offers (such as Horse Racing Extra Place Offers) that we have available to us we can still continue to make very good money Matched Betting for a very long time.

Yet another reason for them to hate us! 🙂

What do the Bookies Think About Profit Accumulator?

If the bookies had an archenemy we certainly would be it!

Although the bookies hate Matched Betting they truly despise Profit Accumulator as not only do we tell as many people as we can about matched betting but we also teach them how to do it too! (and very well we might add! 🙂 )

They despise us so much that in the past they’ve actually even resorted to using threats and scare tactics.

Just when we all thought bookies couldn’t sink any lower – they actually did!

Have a look at these letters that came from two different bookmakers in the first few months that we started Profit Accumulator (their names are redacted for obvious legal reasons!).

Bookies don't like matched betting - the proof 2 Bookies don't like matched betting - the proof 1

These letters were a complete fail on the bookies part though and they were certainly clutching at straws, because, as we mentioned before, Matched Betting is completely legal and there is NOTHING that the bookies can do to stop it or us!

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Many make hundreds in profits every month.

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