Smarkets Exchange Integration

Here at Profit Accumulator, we're not just dedicated to helping you make as much money as possible from Matched Betting. We also provide you with amazing features to make completing offers as quick and easy as possible.

One of our most popular features is our Smarkets integration.

Smarkets integration is incredibly useful as it will save you loads of time when Matched Betting.

In this post, I explain what Smarkets integration is, and show you how you can start benefiting from this awesome feature.

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What Is Smarkets Integration?

Through our partnership with Smarkets, we offer our members both 0% commission (find out more here) and Smarkets integration.

Smarkets integration is a linking of your Profit Accumulator account with your Smarkets betting exchange account.

This allows you to place lay bets directly from within the Profit Accumulator Oddsmatcher, without the need to log into your Smarkets account.

This will save you so much time when placing your matched bets, removing the need to have lots of tabs open and manually placing the bet yourself.

How To Link Your Accounts

To set up Smarkets integration, first open the Oddsmatcher software.

In the exchange column, click the Smarkets icon situated next to the Smarkets logo.

This icon looks like this:

This will load up a pop up window from Smarkets with the following message:

Note: if you are not already logged into Smarkets on the device you are using you will be asked to log in and then you will see the above.

Give the message a read and confirm that you are happy with it, and then click Approve.

The Smarkets integration calculator will then open up. You can close this until you are ready to place your first integrated bet.

How To Place A Lay Bet Using The Smarkets Integration

To use the Smarkets integration, first find a good match using the Oddsmatcher, as you would normally do.

Once you have found a good match, click the Smarkets icon on the Oddsmatcher to open the integration calculator.

On the calculator you will find the following information:

Available Balance: The amount of money you currently have available in your Smarkets account.

Event Details: including the time and date of the event, and amount of liquidity available at Smarkets.

Bet Mode: Normal, Free bet (SNR) or Free bet (Stake Returned). Choose the mode relevant to the offer that you are doing.

Bookmaker Stake: Enter into this box the stake you wish to place for your back bet

Bookmaker Back Odds: Remember to double check that these have remained stable when you come to place your back bet

Lay Odds: Current exchange lay odds. Within the lay odds box you will also see the refresh lay odds button. You can use this refresh button  to check that your lay odds have not changed prior to bet placement.

Lay Commission %: The default setting is 0% - make sure you've claimed our 0% commission offer here.

Results Section

The Results section should automatically update if there is a change in the values in any of the cells. If it doesn't just select calculate which will update the results for you.

In the results section you are provided with information on your lay stake, liability and overall positions (profit or loss) for the bet in question.

If you are happy with the selection that you have found, you can now place the back bet with the bookmaker.

You can use the quick link to go directly to the bookmaker site. Remember to double check that the back odds haven't changed.  If they have stayed the same, then click on your selection to load it into the bet slip but don't place the bet just yet. First go back to the integration calculator and use the refresh button to check that the lay odds haven't changed. If they have changed, you will be presented with the new outcomes in the results for you to review. If they have remained stable go ahead and place the back bet, remembering to wait for confirmation that the bet has been accepted.

Return to the integration calculator and select the lay the bet button, this will lay your bet in the exchange for you.

You will be met by the following pop up message confirming that your lay bet has been successfully matched:

Job done!

Commonly Asked Questions

Is My Account Secure?

Despite what the security permissions that you have to opt-in suggest - we will never place any bets on your behalf without your consent. Also, we will never store any personal information with the intention of using or selling it in any way shape or form. All the information is sent via a secure connection and we take the security of your account very seriously.

If you have security concerns about linking your Profit Accumulator account and your Smarkets Account, please take a look at the Two Factor Authentication Guide for advice on how to make your Profit Accumulator account more secure.

Who Can Use Smarkets Integration?

Smarkets integration is only available to Platinum and Diamond members.

Can I Use Exchange Integration On The Oddsmatcher With Other Betting Exchanges?

Exchange integration is also available for the Betfair Exchange, allowing you to place lay bets at Betfair Exchange from within the Oddsmatcher. This requires a similar process of linking your Betfair and Profit Accumulator accounts, and Platinum + Diamond members can access a full training guide on this here.

Exchange integration is not currently available for Matchbook or Betdaq.

Can I Remove Smarkets Integration?

You can remove Smarkets integration at any time. First open the integration calculator from within the Oddsmatcher. Now select the “Logout” option in the top right corner of the calculator. This will cancel the link between your Profit Accumulator and Smarkets account.

You will then need to follow the steps above and approve the permissions again to re-activate Smarkets integration.

Got Questions About Smarkets Integration?

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