Start the Year making profit using matched betting

So... it's the start of a New Year, you are a little short of cash due to all of that present-buying over the holidays and you are considering ways to make money online. Someone has suggested to you that you can make money from betting, but it sounds inherently ludicrous, so you dismiss it.

But are you wrong to dismiss it?

Is it actually possible to make money from betting?

We'd all love to make easy money - cash that we don't have to think much about earning, that just comes to us without us even needing to expend much effort. However, we are also all conditioned into thinking that we just can't have it - at least without some kind of serious catch.

As they say, there's no such thing as a free lunch. This is what deters so many people from attempting to make money from betting - they know that gambling is gambling, and that ultimately, even if they achieve certain small victories along the way, the bookmaker will always win.

Matched bets really are different!

The above scenario refers to the type of betting we all know about - taking a pure gamble, dependent on pure chance. You bet that your beloved football team will win a match, and unless they actually win, you don't get any money. Simple.

The thing is, most people don't realise that not all types of betting are actually gambling. Consider matched bets. These are bets that come with no risk, for the simple reason that they work on the basis of a mathematical equation, rather than chance.

So, what is matched betting?

Matched bets work on an extremely basic and easy-to-understand principle - by effectively betting on all outcomes, you can cover all eventualities. It means that whatever the consequence of a betted-on event - win, lose or draw - you will always be in profit.

It sounds insane, like the kind of thing that would definitely be illegal. However, not only is it legal, but a spokesperson for William Hill has previously stated that the betting industry has no objections to matched betting. Nor do you even have to pay any tax on your matched betting winnings in the UK, unless they are your sole source of income.

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For once, you have stumbled across an easy way to make money online that is not a scam! Indeed, this has been confirmed by coverage of matched bets in reputable media outlets, including The Telegraph and The Guardian.

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