Matched betting ‘a revelation’ for dad-of-two James

We love hearing members' matched betting stories. Here, we catch up with James, a manager from the Glasgow area.

Do you have a family?

I'm married, with two boys.

If you work, what is your job?


How long have you been a member of PA?

Four months.

How have you found it?

A revelation!

How much time do you spend on matched betting?

It averages out about an hour a day.

Why does matched betting appeal to you?

Considering what profit I've made it gets more appealing by the day! It's a good supplement to my income but also a good way to claw back some of the money from the bookies I've lost over the years.

What do you do with the profit you make?

I have spent a fair bit on family but have concentrated on building my bank so I can participate in more offers and increase my profits.

Are there any aspects of Profit Accumulator you particularly like?

The forum is great, full of information for those who put in the time to look for it. The instructions for each offer are very easy to follow and you can't really go wrong.