The English Premier League Returns!

English Premier League football is finally back today! Matched bettors and Liverpool fans alike are rejoicing everywhere!

The fixture list is absolutely packed for the next two and a half weeks. We hope this will mean a packed Matched Betting schedule too with tonnes of opportunities for us to profit.

Upcoming Premier League Fixtures

Here’s a quick list of the upcoming games, up to and including 2nd July 2020.

We’ve put ** on key games that we think may have lots of very profitable Matched Betting offers available.

Wednesday, 17th June 2020

18:00 Aston Villa v Sheffield United

20:15 Man City vs Arsenal **

Friday, 19th June 2020

18:00 Norwich v Southampton 6pm

20:15 Tottenham v Manchester United **

Saturday, 20th June 2020

12:30 Watford v Leicester

15:00 Brighton v Arsenal

17:30 West Ham v Wolves

19:45 Bournemouth v Crystal Palace

Sunday, 21st June 2020

14:00 Newcastle v Sheffield United

16:15 Aston Villa v Chelsea

19:00 Everton v Liverpool **

Monday, 22nd June 2020

20:00 Manchester City v Burnley

Tuesday, 23rd June 2020

18:00 Leicester v Brighton

20:15 Tottenham v West Ham

Wednesday, 24th June 2020

18:00 Manchester United v Sheffield United

18:00 Newcastle v Aston Villa

18:00 Wolves v Bournemouth

18:00 Norwich v Everton

20:15 Liverpool v Crystal Palace**

Thursday, 25th June 2020

18:00 Burnley v Watford

18:00 Southampton v Arsenal

20:15 Chelsea v Manchester City**

Saturday, 27th June 2020

12:30 Aston Villa v Wolves

Sunday, 28th June 2020

16:30 Watford v Southampton

Monday, 29th June 2020

20:00 Crystal Palace v Burnley

Tuesday, 29th June 2020

20:15 Brighton v Manchester United

Wednesday, 1st July 2020

18:00 Bournemouth v Newcastle

18:00 Arsenal v Norwich

18:00 Everton v Leicester

20:15 West Ham v Chelsea

Thursday, 2nd July 2020

18:00 Sheffield United v Tottenham

20:15 Manchester City v Liverpool**

Matched Betting on Premier League & European Football

Must-do Football Matched Betting Offers

At the time of writing there’s more than £35 in quick guaranteed profit available on football reloads, a lot of which is only available on the Manchester City vs Arsenal game this evening (kick-off at 20:15). Much of the remaining profit comes through Sportingbet’s brilliant accumulator offer that is now available on the English Premier League, English Championship and Italy’s Serie A as well as Spain’s La Liga and the German Bundesliga.

Platinum Members can easily view the full list of available reload offers and guaranteed profits available on our Daily Reload Offers List. If you filter by Risk Level:  ‘Risk-Free’, you can quickly see all the guaranteed profit offers available.

We’d always recommend doing these offers first before taking on any potential profit offers or low-risk offers. As with Matched Betting Royal Ascot 2020 this week, certain profit before potential profit always!

Other Very Worthwhile Matched Betting Football Offers

The Genting Bet offer, where we can get a £1 free bet per goal scored in the Manchester City vs Arsenal game is worthwhile doing as both teams are known for scoring lots of goals.

Sky Bet will also hopefully bring back their Soccer Saturday Special Price Boost this weekend (if not before!) that can make us more quick guaranteed profit with normal laying or potentially a better profit through underlaying. Price boosts in general are probably going to come at us thick and fast, especially for the Manchester City vs Arsenal game tonight and for the games over the weekend. In the forum Platinum Members should follow the ‘Price Boosts’ Thread. If you’ve never done a price boost before please read our Price Boost Guide and our Mobile Notification Guide. Price boosts contribute a substantial amount to our overall Matched Betting profits each month so are well worth learning about and doing as often as you can.

Next, of course, we are back to our old and very profitable favourites, Bet365’s and Paddy Power’s 2up early payout offers. If you haven’t heard about 2up before our guide ‘Want more profits from Matched Betting? ‘2ups’ are key!’ is well worth a read as is our example walk-through of a perfect 2up game that occurred in Spain’s La Liga Villarreal vs Barcelona game last year.

For those already profiting from 2up it’s now worth reminding you that Paddy Power’s 2up early payout offer only applies to games in the English Premier League, Spain’s La Liga and the German Bundesliga. Bet365’s 2up early payout offer applies to games in all these leagues plus several more, such as those upcoming in the English Championship and Italy’s Serie A this weekend. This is one reason why keeping your Matched Betting account healthy at Bet365 is so important.

After all these offers there’s still more to do!

If you’ve exhausted all the guaranteed profit Royal Ascot offers and all the football reload offers we’ve mentioned above and still have some balance left over in your exchanges, what other offers are worth-while doing in terms of football?

We’d recommend consider doing the potential profit daily football refund offers and ongoing football refund offers. Of these the late-goal offers (80th minute and 88th minute goals) and the 0-0 offers are usually the best to go for.

Need a helping hand with Matched Betting football offers?

Our Facebook Group, which has over 6000 members, is a great place to ask for help and ask questions, especially if you are new to Matched Betting or football reload offers especially.

Platinum Members can also have direct access to knowledgeable, helpful matched betting experts that can answer any questions you might have via our community forum.

List of useful Matched Betting football guides, tools and resources

The majority of these tools and resources are only available to our Platinum Members. All these guides and tools are absolutely essential to have access to before tackling most football reload offers.

Football Reload Offers

Price Boosts

2up (early payout offers)

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