Thinking about starting to make money from casino offers? Answers to your FAQs

Before starting this article, if you haven’t already, we’d recommend that you first read “Matched Betting Casino Offers Explained in a Nutshell”. The article gives you a quick, easy to understand introduction on how the matched betting casino offers’ strategy works with our Diamond Membership Plan and also how we use the strategy to make regular profits from doing loads of casino offers every week.

If you’ve already seen the numerous posts like this one about the profits that can be made from the matched betting casino offer strategy in the Profit Accumulator Forum and Profit Accumulator Facebook Group then you’ve undoubtedly been wondering whether you should give it a go too. However, if you’re anything like me – which is being careful with your pennies and having a strong tendency to avoid gambling - you probably still have some questions, and even a few reservations you’d like to get clear on first, before getting started.

In this article you’ll find clear and honest answers to the most common beginner questions on the matched betting casino offer strategy, including:

  • How much profit can I make?
  • How much money do I need to start?
  • Is there any risk? Can I lose money?
  • How much time do I need? (Learning the strategy and doing it)
  • What’s the best way for me to get started?

If you have any other questions not on this list then please feel free to contact us here or via our Facebook Group, we’re always happy to help and usually answer pretty quick too J

If you’re actually ready to get going on casinos, got your Diamond Membership, and have questions about casino offer terms such as +EV, RTP, wagering etc. then head to our Casino Training Guides.

Ready to have your questions answered? Let’s get started!

How much profit can I make?

Put simply, the more casino offers you complete, the more time and effort you put in, the more money you can make. This is exactly the same as when matched betting sports offers too.

As a starting point, just our casino sign-up offers have an expected profit (at the time of writing) of £2300.

From there, the profits that can be made are, on average, greater than what can be made matched betting on sports alone. Expected value on casino reload (existing customer) offers per week can range from £150 up to £300 and sometimes more. The sky really is the limit when it comes to profits from matched betting casino offers. For an idea of what is possible to achieve if you set your mind to it - our 50K, 100K and 200K clubs on the Profit Accumulator Forum are well worth a visit.

How much money do I need to start?

Our minimum recommended amount is £100.

The more you have to start with though the better. This is because you can get through the sign up offers quicker and start the reload offers faster too. If you have a smaller bankroll we recommend to stick to only the easier (risk-free and low-risk) casino offers initially until you build a bankroll big enough to start the more advanced offers.

Can I lose money? Is this strategy without risk?

If you read our article “Matched Betting Casino Offer Strategy Explained in a Nutshell” you would have seen the following graph:

If we only focus on the very beginning section of this graph, you can see that from the starting point initially profits go up, but then they drop down again almost back to the starting cash amount, before continuing to rise again.

Others have starts where they have an initial drop, where they do lose some money, before eventually rebounding back up into profit. In the short-term it therefore is possible to lose money. If however, you remember the bigger picture though and keep focusing on completing all the +EV offers we provide, in the long-term the overall, average trend will be one of profit.

Here’s an excellent insight on this from members on our forum, when a new member posted that they were worried as they were currently slightly down having just started on the casino offers:

You too need to be prepared, and in the mindset, that you might start with a dip like our new member did here and be ready to, well ‘power-through’ this dip if you want to profit from this strategy.

You can see from these forum posts as well that our experienced members who regularly do casino offers have absolutely no doubts that the new member will be on an upward profit trend before long.

This new member would likely have also benefited more if they’d opted to stick first to our initial ‘warm-up and easy’ casino sign up offers. We’ve carefully selected these offers for beginners like you to start on so that your chances of starting with an immediate upward trend in profits are the best possible.

At Profit Accumulator, we always like to be honest. Therefore we’d like to say that if you are currently in a position where you think you may not have the funds spare to push through an initial possible dip, as what happened for the new member above, then you are best to just stick to matched betting sports offers for now (where you can’t lose). Build up your bank doing the sports offers first and then when you’re ready and able to spare the cash, add on doing casino offers too.

How much time do I need?

To learn about matched betting casino offers?

Using our awesome introductory guides you can learn the basics of casino offers and how to play slots, blackjack and roulette in true matched betting style in 1-2 hours.

To actually do the casino offers?

Our experienced members, who do literally 100’s of casino offers (and sometimes 1000s!) say that they find matched betting casino offers faster and even easier to do then sports offers.

As it is with learning anything new, when you first start doing casino offers they can take you longer than they will do once you get the hang of things. This is mainly because you’ll be following our guides and checking what you’re doing along the way.

Every offer is also different – for example, 5 free spins will take you less time to do than 50 free spins will on a slot machine. Wagering £10 with 20p spins (so that would be a total of 50 spins) will take less time than wagering £50 with 20p spins (a total of 250 spins). Again though, once you get competent at what you’re doing you can set slots to ‘auto-spin’ specific amounts whilst doing an offer. This means you can go make a cup of tea, do some daily exercises or pop the rubbish out whilst doing casino offers at the same time.

What’s the best way for me to get started on Matched Betting Casino Offers?

That’s easy!

You are in really good hands for starting matched betting casino offers with us as we have years of experience and offer exceptional support to help our members make plenty of money.

All of our guides are second to none and always kept up to date. We really value all of our members and feel this can best be seen by the many great friendships that have been struck up between lots of our members and our team on our community forum.