Top Ten Matched Betting Tips

Matched betting is recognised at the most effective way of making money online. In terms of potential profit vs effort involved, it’s the best option out there.

Since we started in 2014 we've had over 100,000 paying members use our site and service. That’s 100,000 people that have trusted us to teach them how to do matched betting.

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Below we’ve listed our top ten tips when matched betting. These are tips aimed at people who have already started.

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If you have already started, here are our top ten tips:

1. Do Your Research

Matched betting can initially seem a bit overwhelming. The key is to treat it as if you are learning a new skill. The purpose of Profit Accumulator is to teach you about matched betting, so you need to approach it with the mind-set of learning. This skill will make you a lot of money, so put the time into learning everything about it.

Read all our guides, watch our training videos and read useful threads on the forum. The more information you absorb, the more well equipped you’ll be and the fewer mistakes you will make.

2. Get A New Separate Bank Account And Email

More of a general best practice tip rather than a necessity. Having a separate bank account means you can keep your matched betting separate from your normal day-to-day spending. It also means you can accurately track how much you’ve made.

The same logic applies to having a separate email address. As you go through the signup offers you will be receiving a lot of emails from the bookies. It’s much easier to stay organised if you keep them separated from your main email account. Do this before you start because switching email addresses on all your accounts after you’ve already set them van be a real pain in the bum!

3. Work Through The Sportsbook Signup Offers First

The sportsbook signup offers are the easiest and most profitable offers (unfortunately you can only do them once though!). Start with these easy offers. We have listed all the sportsbook sign up offers on our site and put them in order of easiest to hardest, so stick to the order they are in on the site.

When you are going through the signups, it gives you a chance to build up your bank and it gives you a chance to fully learn the matched betting process.

The bigger bank you have, the more offers you can do simultaneously and you can take advantage of higher odds matches (although not too high! You don't want to get gubbed), which means more profit.

4. Take Your Time

When you initially start, there’s no rush. The signup offers aren't going anywhere. We’ve seen it countless times - the more people are rushing, the more mistakes they make. Take your time, read the instructions closely and follow them carefully. If you follow all our instructions to a tee, you won't make any mistakes. If you start trying to take shortcuts, you might. Don't risk it. Take your time.

5. Do The Casino Offers

The casino and bingo offers are a great source of profit. Many people are scared off by the fact they fall outside the ‘normal’ remit of matched betting i.e. you can't lay the result off, but in fact the free spins that these companies give out are the equivalent of a free bet. You might get lucky and earn some money from them! We have many examples of members earning very good profits from free spins.

It is up to you whether or not you move onto the non-risk-free offers or not, but we would definitely suggest everyone should do the risk-free ones.

6. Utilise The Forum

The forum is the best and most helpful resource we provide. It’s packed with information and helpful members that can answer all of your questions.

It can be a little overwhelming when you initially start clicking around due to the sheer size of it, but rest assured once you know your way around you will understand its importance.

Don't be afraid to answer questions as well. Every single one of our members was at your stage at some point. Being a beginner and not knowing some of the basic concepts is nothing to be ashamed of. You’ll find the other members are very helpful and understanding.

If you don't want to ask publically, you can always DM our admin team, or send an email directly to our customer service team.

7. Learn From Your Mistakes

Every matched bettor has made mistakes. Every single one. It’s part of the learning process. We will try and warn you where possible of the common mistakes but it's largely inevitable that one mistake will happen somewhere.

The important thing is to learn from it. Make sure you ever make the same mistake twice!

8. Don’t Gamble

Matched betting is not gambling because there is no element of chance. The outcome of the event is largely irrelevant.

It does however involve the act of placing bets and to do that you will need to sign up to a lot of bookmakers and casinos, and they will try and entice you with promotional materials. Make sure you follow our instructions closely and don't deviate to normal gambling, as you will lose money.

9. Share Your Experiences

If you have found the forums to be very helpful, please feel free to give something back and be an active member who answers other people's questions.

Also, if there is something that you think we could improve, please tell us. We have a suggestions and feedback are of the forum, or you can fill out this form. The vast majority of the features on site have originally been suggested by members. If it's a good feature that will help people, we’ll build it.

10. Invite Your Friends!

Don't forget, you can get £10 for every person you refer to use (when they upgrade to become a Platinum member). Just grab your code from your account or dashboard and pass it on.

Those are our top tips for starting matched betting.

If you haven't started yet and you’re interested in finding out more info, sign up to our free trial and you’ll earn up to £45. It’s a decision you won’t regret!