What is a no deposit bonus in sports betting?

A no deposit sports betting bonus is exactly what it says on the tin! It’s a bonus that is given to you with no requirement for you to deposit any money into your bookmaker account. As can be expected, this type of bonus is very popular for your average punter because it’s basically ‘free money’ for them to bet with.

Bookmakers most often provide this type of bonus in the hope that it will encourage new punters to sign up and then bet with them on a regular basis. They can also offer this type of bonus to their best existing customers as a kind of ‘reward’ for their loyalty.

No deposit sports bonuses in matched betting

In matched betting, no deposit sports bonuses just offer us another opportunity to make some profit – just like any other bonus. The only caveat is that these types of bonuses frequently come with some kind of wagering requirement or similar restriction that we often need to take account of.

For example a bookmaker might offer you a £10 no deposit sports betting bonus, that is stake returned but has 3 x wagering at odds of 2.0 or more before any winnings can be withdrawn.

The 3 x wagering means that if our first matched bet (of £10 using our Free Bet Stake Returned Calculator) wins at the bookmaker, rather than at the betting exchange, then we will then have to do another matched bet of £20 (or alternatively 2 x £10 matched bets), using our matched betting calculator in Normal mode, before we can access our profits.

The first matched bet of £10 plus the second matched bet of £20 equals a total of £30 in wagering – which is 3 x the original £10 bonus amount.

If our first matched bet wins at the betting exchange instead of the bookmaker then we don’t need to worry about doing any wagering as all our profit will immediately be sitting in the betting exchange.


Using the example above we can basically make £9 to £9.50 profit in minutes from a sports no deposit bonus like this.

Talk about easy money!

Now everything is clear, you should have no trouble finding a sports betting no deposit bonus online.

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