What is Profit Accumulator?

What is Profit Accumulator? In one simple statement, Profit Accumulator is a matched betting service provider. However, when it comes to matched betting there's often an air of scepticism - does it work? Is it risk free? Is it a scam? We're here to clear up any doubt you might have and give you a breakdown of what Profit Accumulator does for its members. If you're looking to understand what matched betting is itself then have a read of our article here to clear up any questions you have.


Our Mission

Our goal here at Profit Accumulator is to make the matched betting process as easy as possible by taking out as much of the groundwork as we can. We believe matched betting is the best way to earn extra money online in the UK, and think that once people get through their doubts they too can be earning themselves extra cash each and every month. We were founded in 2014 and since then have helped over 100,000 paying members. We're currently the largest matched betting service provider in the UK.


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What We Do

We have a range of features and services available to our members, here's a breakdown of the most vital ones:

Compiling of offers

Matched betting works by using bookmaker offers and promotions offered to first time customers in the form of "Signup Offers" and to repeat customers in the form of "Reload Offers". The trouble with this is that there are literally hundreds of bookmakers in the UK and scanning through each and every one of them can be extremely time consuming. That's why we employ a full-time offers team, who scan through these sites for you and compile all the best signup and reload offers on the offers section of our website. This gives you a clear and concise list to work through and means you never need to leave the Profit Accumulator website to find offers for yourself.

Software to make the process easier

In the early days of matched betting there was a lot of manual number crunching, spreadsheets and headaches. Now we have two in house software developers to bring you all the software and calculators you need to speed up the number crunching involved with matched betting. Our list of software is vast; we have a dedicated matched betting calculator as well as 14 advanced calculators to broaden your horizons when it comes to earning cash off different types of offers. We also have our OddsMatching software to help match odds between a bookmaker and a betting exchange. As well as that we have our Acca Catcher, Match Catcher, Dutching Calculator, Each Way Catcher and last but not least, our Profit Tracker to help keep on top of how much money you've made.

Tutorial and walkthrough videos

So, you have all the tools and offers lined up, but you're still a bit unsure of what the actual steps are to making money with matched betting? Not to worry, we have hundreds (literally hundreds) of tutorial videos explaining all the ideas and concepts behind matched betting, as well as walkthrough videos taking you step by step through each of the different offer types. It's a matched betting knowledge library that will give you access to everything you need to become an expert.


Often considered our most valuable feature to members, our matched betting forum community is the biggest of its kind in the world. The breadth of knowledge our members and moderators have is incomparable to anywhere else. A friendly forum atmosphere means you will always get your questions answered and confusion cleared up. We also run multiple community driven threads such as "what have you bought with your profits" and "big wins" threads.

Two very valuable threads on our forum are the "how to make £1000 per month" and the "how to make £300 per month part time" threads. They are updated daily with enough offers to hit each of those targets respectively - all you need to do is follow along!


We have two full time support staff, Asha and Jamie, that operate 7 days a week! You can contact them through phone, email or Facebook.

Read Jamie's story here

Alternatively, you can visit our Help Centre which will give you access to Frequently Asked Questions, a matched betting knowledge base and also let you open a support ticket if your questions haven't been answered.


Fancy Giving It A Go?

Matched betting is a journey, for some it's about earning some extra cash to help pay bills, treat themselves or save toward something. For others it's a full time job! Everyone started somewhere and some of our most successful members started with no prior knowledge of betting.

profit accumulator free trial

We offer a free trial that lets you earn up to £45 and test the waters, who knows, you might enjoy it and never look back!