Profit Accumulator testimonial: Steve’s story

Thousands of members earn extra income through matched betting every month and, occasionally, we ask them to provide a Profit Accumulator testimonial.

Usually, this comes via our matched betting forum, where users share tips, advice and chat, as well as a large following on social media.

Here, we find out a bit more about one of our members. You can read another Profit Accumulator testimonial here.

What's Your Name?


Whereabouts Do You Live?

Cheadle, Cheshire.

Do You Have Family?

I'm married with two children, a girl, 14 ,and a boy, 10.

What Is Your Job?

I'm a bid manager for a major construction company.

How Long Have You Been A Member Of PA?

I joined PA in August 2016 and added Platinum Plus this month.

How Have You Found It?

I've found PA to be really useful and user-friendly.

How Much Time Do You Spend On Matched Betting?

I spend between 20 minutes to an hour each day doing my bets. 

Why Does Matched Betting Appeal To You?

Guaranteed profit with a minimal initial outlay.

What Do You Do With The Profit You Make?

The first £1,000 was used to refit our bedroom. The next project is a bathroom refit.

Are There Any Aspects Of Profit Accumulator You Particularly Like?

I like the members forum, which is really useful to get help and tips. I also like how well laid out and easy to use the site is.

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