Meet The Team: CTO & Co-Founder Max

What’s your name and title at PA?

Max. CTO and co-founder.

Generally speaking, what does your role involve?

I am in charge of overseeing all of the technical development that we do here at PA.

Where are you based?


What’s your background?

Sam and I have been friends for ages, and so when he started talking about matched betting and how much money he was making, it obviously started to interest me. We then had the idea of creating our own website that really broke down the concept and process to people. Basically making it easier and clearer. PA was then registered as a company in 2014 and we now have about 20,000 subscribers.

What’s your matched betting experience - have you done it, do you still do it?

I used to do it a lot when I had the time. Nowadays much less, but the good offers still draw me back in. Some of them are far too good to pass up on!

What’s the best part about your job?

I like getting to grips with the technical challenges. We have loads of different types of software to make the matched betting process as easy as possible and it requires constant development and improvement.