People often wonder who is behind Profit Accumulator. In our series of meet the team interviews, we aim to introduce you to our various members of staff. Meet Mark, who is a matched betting and forum assistant

Generally speaking, what does your role involve?

The majority of my work is based on the forum assisting new and experienced members as well as detailing how to make profit on some of our more tricky offers. I also have a good knowledge of spreadsheets which has led to some handy advanced calculators now being available on the Profit Accumulator website.

Where are you based?

I am currently based in Cornwall with my wife and four children but we are originally from Kent.

What’s your background?

Before getting in to matched betting I worked in production as a quality assurance engineer and previous to that I worked as a retail manager.

What’s your matched betting experience - have you done it, do you still do it?

I still class myself as a full-time matched bettor, even though I work part-time for Profit Accumulator. A matched bettor never really switches off and I am always on the lookout to make my next bit of profit.

I have been matched betting since 2014 and have been doing it full time since early 2016.
I feel I have been quite successful so far in matched betting, now my experience and knowledge is being passed on to others within PA.

What’s the best part about your job?

I enjoy helping members develop their matched betting skills and knowledge through our forum, it’s very pleasing to see members first visit the forum asking the most basic of questions then a few months down the line they are able to answer questions about some of our advanced betting techniques.

I love working with spreadsheets and making new calculators for some of the more complex offers, it’s a challenge at times but it’s satisfying to know that the calculators are helping members make some great profit.