Meet The Team: Offers Team Member Ollie

What’s your name and title at PA?

Ollie - Offers Team Extraordinaire

Generally speaking, what does your role involve?

It’s my job to sift through hundreds of bookmaker pages and find all the best offers, as well as come up with the best strategy to get the most profit out of them.
I also love anything involving maths so I’ll any chance I get to come up with new spreadsheets and guaranteed profit lock-ins.

Where are you based?

North West.

What’s your background?

I have a degree in Mathematics which lends itself very nicely to matched betting (although you don’t have to be a numbers whizz when PA walk you through every offer). After university I ran some small online businesses and then began matched betting full-time.

What’s your matched betting experience - have you done it, do you still do it?

I’ve been matched betting for over 2 years now. If I didn’t work for PA, I would be full-time matched betting. It’s still very much a part of my daily life and taking part in a lot of offers means I have the experience and knowledge to provide the best advice to our members.

What’s the best part about your job?

Beating the bookies at their own game! Finding that edge over them and helping others to extract as much money from the bookmakers as possible has got to be the thing that brings the most joy to me in my job.