Free Chessington World of Adventures tickets – but there’s a catch

Parents are being given the chance to earn free Chessington World of Adventures tickets this weekend - but there's a catch.

The theme park, near London, will let 10 families in free - if the grown-ups hand in their mobile phones at entry.

The aim is to encourage parents to spend quality time with their families - and ditch their devices for a few hours.

To enter, parents must comment about their mobile addiction on Chessington's Facebook page.

The No Phone Zone will be in place during the August Bank Holiday weekend. So far, more than 6,600 parents have commented.

Nikki Jones, mobile operations manager at the resort, said: "We all love and need our phones ­ but our research shows that instead of enhancing our lives, sometimes our phones are inhibiting them.

"When people come to Chessington we want them to have a fun day out spending quality time with their loved ones. We're launching the No Phone Zone to give parents the chance to get in for free if they're willing to leave their phone at the gate.

"We hope that everyone who enters makes unforgettable memories without the need of a smartphone."

Research shows that parents spend an average of 57 minutes looking at their phone each day, and nearly two fifths (36 per cent) of parents say it's equally or more important to record an event on their phone, rather than experience it.

Chessington will be providing those who leave their phones at the gate with a disposable camera so they can take photos, without the need of apps.