Win the full cost of your online shop back with Boom25

An innovative new platform promises to add excitement to online shopping by offering a complete refund on some purchases.

Boom25 has partnered with more than 500, retailers including Currys PC World, Boots, Forever21, Expedia, Ticketmaster and M&S.

It works like a lottery - one in every 25 shoppers wins and there's no limit on the amount of times you can win.

On Wednesday June 21, from 6pm to 9pm BST, one in every FIVE shoppers will win.

It's a bit like earning cashback, but instead of a percentage, winners get the full amount of their shop back.

The record win so far was £3,670 awarded to a user who booked a holiday with Expedia.

Available for a limited time, all first purchases made via will receive a reward (£15 Amazon gift card for purchases over £30, 50% cash refund for purchases under £30).

There's no extra cost, no catch and no limit on how many times it's possible to win - all you need is a PayPal account to receive your money back if you win.

To have a chance of winning, you need to register with Boom25 and then complete your purchase as normal.

Founder Giora Mandel said: “We want to put the thrill back into online shopping by giving people the opportunity to win back the cash they’ve spent online.

"Traditional cashback sites are boring so we’re giving people winnings they can get excited about, whether it’s £25, £500 or £5,000.

"When booking a flight, buying a new phone or stocking up on cosmetics, if you Boom it, you could win back the cash.

"There’s no risk and no extra cost, just do your online shop via and you could win! It’s a no-brainer.”