5 Sports Worth Betting on Other Than Football

Football is by far the most popular sport when it comes to placing bets, but there are many other sports which not only carry excitement, but winning opportunities too. You can load any online bookmaker and the first sport you’ll see in the coupon panel is football, but if you fancy trying your hand (and your luck) at a different sport all together, there are many to choose from, all available via online bookmakers as featured on bettingsites.info.

 #1 Horse Racing

Typically, baseball is a major attraction, but only in the US. When it comes to throwing the arrows (darts), it only tends to generate interest in the UK. But what about sports that are of interest to global audiences? There is one that comes out on top; horse racing generates an interest from all corners of the globe, especially with annual events such as The Cheltenham Festival (in March) and The Grand National at Aintree (in April).

Popular bets placed on horse racing include:

  • Single: A bet placed on a single event.
  • Each Way: You bet on a horse to either win outright or to come in 2nd or 3rd (or maybe even 4th) position, for a fraction of the odds displayed.
  • Accumulators: One bet placed on a set of outcomes and all betting selections must win in order to have a return.
  • Treble: A single bet on three outcomes.

Due to its popularity bookmakers tend to give out lots of offers and promotions on horse racing. Consequently, for matched bettors this sport can be extremely profitable when they have the right tools available.

At Profit Accumulator, in addition to providing extensive daily lists of available horse racing offers, we also provide the invaluable tools, such as the Each Way Catcher, the Extra Place Catcher, the Each Way Calculator and the Racing Refund Calculator, that matched bettors need to make the best possible profits from these offers.

#2 Tennis

Swinging a tennis racket has resulted in Britain’s Andy Murray becoming a household name, but why is this sport so popular among the bookmakers? It certainly has nothing to do with the staggering number of portions of strawberries and cream being served at the event, but more to do with the performances on the court.

One of the oldest tennis tournaments in the world is Wimbledon and is regarded by many as the most prestigious annual event. Running for a fortnight, the tournament sees tennis-wielding stars head to the grassy courts as they aim to snatch the top prize and the trophy for being the champion.

Popular bets placed on tennis include:

  • Moneyline: Placing a bet on a player to win a match.
  • Game Spread: A spread bet over many sets.
  • Set Spread: A unique betting strategy which can only be found in tennis and involves players placing wagers on the number of sets being won by the player, instead of the number of games.

During Wimbledon, The Australian Open and similar large tennis tournaments bookmakers give out loads of free bet offers, price boosts and similar promotions. Price boosts especially can be extremely profitable for matched bettors. In the Profit Accumulator Forum there are even dedicated Price Boost sections that offer the opportunity to make decent profits on a daily basis, but especially during major world tennis tournaments.

 #3 American Football

American Football is not only available to customers in the US, it’s also available to punters looking to place wagers in countries outside the US. More and more American-themed sports are gracing our screens which has led to a surge in bookmakers offering odds on the major events. One such event is the Super Bowl, which is held in February every year.

Betting on American Football doesn’t only cover the major annual events, it covers the weekly events too. You have XFL Matches with teams like Los Angeles Wildcats and New York Guardians plus teams facing each other in the NFL Season.

Popular bets placed on American Football include:

  • Point Spread: A betting strategy on lines or handicaps
  • Over Unders: Bets placed on the number of points you think will be scored in a game, which includes a 50% chance of the game ending with more that the number of points scored and 50% chance of the game ending with fewer points.

In recent years the NFL has played several games in the UK, usually at the Wembley Stadium in London. The popularity of these games lead UK bookies to start running promotions on these events as well. Our offers team at Profit Accumulator, as they always do, quickly shared these offers with our members via the Matched Betting Reload Offers section and in our most popular thread on our forum – How to Make £1000 a month.

 #4 MMA

Placing bets on the outcome of an MMA event can land punters some serious cash. Popular clashes include Lightweight bouts and wildcard entries – both can throw up some surprises. MMA (mixed martial arts) is a full-contact sport within a cage, which is why it’s also known as cage fighting.

Popular bets placed on MMA include:

  • Rounds: A bet on the number of rounds the event will last
  • Round and Method: Place a wager on when you think the fight will end

#5 Boxing

Major boxing events see the likes of Tyson Fury and Anthony Joshua heading into the ring. Punches get thrown and there can only be one winner, and this is typically decided on the event of a KO (knock-out). That being said, there have been instances where the ref has intervened and stopped the game as well as performance being judged on points. Heavyweight bouts and wildcard entries generate global interest which is why you’ll find plenty of betting options for boxing at both land-based and online bookmakers.

Popular bets placed on Boxing include:

  • Outright Winner: Placing a bet on one boxer to defeat the other
  • Total Rounds: Predict which round you think the event will come to an end
  • Winning Method: A bet where you predict the win via a specific way; a KO being one
  • Round Betting: A specific round you think the fight will end.

For both MMA and Boxing UK bookmakers can run some knock-out promotions (pun intended!). In 2019 one of the bookmakers for example ran an awesome promotion which involved our members incurring only a small qualifying loss of around 50p for the opportunity to potentially make a few hundred pounds via a fair few free spins on a slot machine. Most members made well over £5-£10 on this offer for a couple minutes of 'work' matched betting, but quite a few did hit massive jackpots too! All this was only possible due to them learning matched betting with Profit Accumulator and being ready to move quickly whilst this offer was available.

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