How to transfer matched betting techniques to casino gaming

The global suspension of every major sporting tournament has not just been bad news for athletes, franchises and fans. It has also been an absolute disaster for the bookmakers and those who make a living from betting on the horses or football. But as far as the bookies are concerned, the impact depends very much on the diversification strategies they have followed.

Those that also provide casino-style gaming are likely to be able to ride the storm quite well. One good example here is Comeon Casino, which has a strong following in sports betting but also offers slots and traditional table games. All sorts of gaming variations are seeing a surge in popularity right now, but this is particularly the case with casino games, as they are also attracting exactly those sports bettors left out on a limb. But surely you can’t apply matched betting principles when playing a slots game or spinning the roulette wheel? The answer is yes and no. 

House edge, RTP and EV

One of the basic principles of casino gaming is that in the long term, you can’t beat the house. For example, European roulette has a house edge of 2.5 percent, which equates to a RTP of 97.5 percent. If you play for a sustained time, your returns will get ever closer to 97.5 pence in the pound. Of course, that’s not to say you can’t have a profitable evening at the roulette wheel. If you wagered £100 every night, there would be some nights you would come out with a profit and other nights you’d lose more heavily. But the longer you played, the closer you’d come to that average 2.5 percent loss.

Matched betting turns this principle on its head. It factors in the bonus on offer to provide a new variation on the RTP known as the Expected Value (EV). It’s calculated using this simple equation:

EV = (Total bonus) – (House edge)x(Wagering requirement)

If mathematics isn’t your forte, you can use an online tool to help you. Profit Accumulator is a very popular service among serious bettors. The general consensus is that the annual subscription more than pays for itself, but you can easily satisfy yourself on that point with their free trial offer.

Long-term success

When we say this method turns the traditional casino principle on its head, we mean that literally. We are accustomed to RTP being some figure of 94 to 98 percent depending on the game. EV will be a number greater than 100, meaning that in the long term, you will come out on top, not the casino.

However, just as the gambler will sometimes have a winning night at the roulette wheel, so even with this method, there will sometimes be losing nights. There is variance attached to casino games, which means you’ll have a mixture of wins and losses. But the more you play, the closer your average earnings will get to that EV figure. In these gloomy days, that’s surely a beacon of light, so why not give it a go?

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