Lewis Hamilton calls out F1 for failing to keep up with entertainment value

Lewis Hamilton has warned Liberty Media, the new owner of F1, that if it doesn’t update itself it will fail to keep up with other sports in terms of entertainment value.

He said that the sport is currently failing to engage its fans and that the F1 needs to see some changes before it catches up. Liberty Media have plans to promote the sport more via social media but Hamilton said that this is not enough and that fans need to be spoken to directly to know what they want to see. “The first step would to see what fans feel they’re lacking, what they feel they would want more of”, Hamilton suggested. “I think you’d get a good balance of opinions from people who have been to a grand prix.”

The 32-year old three times world champion explained that his season could be his toughest yet because of new and faster cars that he believes he may not be “fit enough” for. It seems that he has concerns about the new 2017 regulations that will see a greater emphasis on aerodynamics that the opinionated Hamilton claims will make cars a lot harder to overtake. After all, where will the fun be for the fans if there’s no overtaking?

Another of Hamilton’s concerns is that the cars “sound terrible” and considering that this is one of the things that made him pursue the sport it isn’t helping the opinion of fans. “It’s not the only thing the fans love, but it’s an addition to smell, to the roar of awesomeness that Formula 1 is. Take that away and, jeez, it’s just sad to see the cars come by now, sound-wise.” Is anyone else feeling a bit emotional?

Hamilton also revealed his new helmet that he’ll be wearing for the 2017 season which starts next month. The helmet was chosen from 8,000 entries that fans submitted via Instagram in a competition that started in late January. Hamilton went into great detail to explain why the winner was chosen in a sort of Laurence Llewelyn Bowen-esque way in which he stated that the “candy apple red balances with the yellow very well.” Who would have thought Lewis had such an eye for design? The helmet also pays tribute to Lewis’ hero Ayrton Senna and features three stars to represent his title wins.

For fans that are still hooked, the 2017 season kicks off with the Australian Grand Prix on Sunday 26 March and will introduce a whole range of redesigned and updated cars. The new cars don’t bode well for Hamilton, who wants to go back to the olden days when the cars were more ‘generic’. On the new Mercedes AMG f1, he admitted that although he may not be keen, the fans will like it because it has wide tyres.

Here it is. The winning helmet design, a creation by Raí Caldato - @caldatodesign from Brazil. Raí evolves my layout by adding new stripe elements on the sides. As a tribute to my hero, Ayrton Senna the helmet features the colours of Brazil - green, yellow and blue. These are accompanied with the 3 stars that represent my Championship wins. There's yellow throughout that reminds me of my helmets in the past. The candy apple red balances with the yellow very well. Raí, I look forward to meeting you in person to present you with your prize! Thank you all for entering this competition, I'm taken back by your creativity. 🙌🏽 #LH44Design #TeamLH #Blessed @mercedesamgf1 @bellhelmetseurope #bellhelmetseurope T&C’s: http://lewis.social/TCs

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