Sporting bucket list: Top 10 events to attend before you die

The World Cup Final is top of most Britons' sporting bucket list, a study has found.

The research conducted on behalf of Ladbrokes, found that 53 per cent of Brits would chose the showpiece event at the top of their wish list.

Although football dominated the top 10, iconic British sporting occasions such as The Grand National and Wimbledon are also on most Brits lists.

Sporting bucket lists

  1. ​FIFA World Cup Final (53%)
  2. The FA Cup Final (44%)
  3. Wimbledon (43%)
  4. A Champions League Match (37%)
  5. The Olympics (33%)
  6. F1 Grand Prix (23%)
  7. Club Team Playoff Final (22%)
  8. A Club Team European Game (21%)
  9. El Clasico (19%)
  10. Grand National (18%)

The survey polled 1,016 UK adult sports fans, and was conducted by The Leadership Factor and showed interesting differences between male and female sports fans when it comes to their bucket lists.


  1. FIFA World Cup FInal (69%)

  2. FA Cup Final (50%)

  3. A Champions League Match (42%)

  4. Wimbledon (36%)

  5. The Olympics (31%)

  6. El Clasico (28%)

  7. F1 Grand Prix (27%)

  8. A Club Team European Match (23%)

  9. Club Team Playoff Final(21%)

  10. Six Nations (20%)


  1. Wimbledon (49%)

  2. The FA Cup Final (41%)

  3. FIFA World Cup Final (39%)

  4. The Olympics (35%)

  5. A Champions League Match (33%)

  6. Club Team Playoff Final (22%)

  7. F1 Grand Prix (21%)

  8. Queens (18%)

  9. Australian Open Tennis (18%)

  10. US Open Tennis (18%

Anyone for tennis?

Although football events remained a strong favourite across the board, female sports fans spread their choices more evenly, with tennis events such as Queens and The Australian Open (18%) proving popular.

Votes for rugby events were dominated by male sports fans - twice as many men want to attend the Rugby World Cup Final than women (20% vs. 9%) with a similar result for the Six Nations (20% vs. 12%).

The research also delved into how much money sports fans have spent on their passion in the last 12 months, with golf enthusiasts spending the most - around £777 in fact. 4% of golf fans have handed out a massive £4,000 in the last year!

"Sport has always been a huge part of British culture"

On average, sports fans are splashing out around £424 each year to keep up with their favourite pastimes, with 43% of those polled naming football as their favourite sport.

Swansea fan Matthew Phillips says he has spent more than £4,000 in the past three years following his beloved Swans the globe. Matt said: “In total I’ve seen the Swans play at around 90 grounds in The UK and abroad.

"A lot of my friends go, too, so there’s a great social side to the trips as well as the football.

“I love travelling and it’s great when you go to all of that effort and the team perform - it’s well worth it!”

A Ladbrokes spokesman said: “Sport has always been a huge part of British culture, but with the ever-growing opportunity to watch a huge range of new and international sports on TV and online, we wanted to see if our priorities as a nation had changed.

“Clearly, the results show that our traditional favourites such as domestic football and tennis are still popular, but to see the likes of El Clasico making the top 10 is a bit of a surprise.”

Main picture: J Duval