Casino Games Ranked by Odds of Winning You Money

Playing casino games is purely a bit of fun for a lot of people, but for others it is a serious business and a chance to win plenty of real money.

Some casino games are a better choice than others when it comes to the odds of winning, so it is important to make the right choice, whether at online casinos or bricks and mortar sites.

Choosing poor value casino games is going to make it much harder to come out on top against the house, which already has all of the odds stacked heavily in their favour.



It is widely accepted that slots are one of the worst games to play with the goal of winning money. This guide is a great resource on tactics you can use to increase your odds.

While slots are usually played by people who are chasing a jackpot win, naturally these are extremely rare, which means most individuals who play these games will lose money.

Slots are also purely about luck, so there is no way to use any skill whatsoever in order to increase the chances of winning, which is not the case in some of the other top casino games.

There is one way to increase the odds of winning on slots and this is simply to pick the right games, with the highest return to player rating - RTP for short.

Good RTP for slots is usually considered to be around the 97 per cent mark, while slots that are only at about 95 per cent RTP will usually be thought of as poor value slot games to play.


A casino classic, roulette is still one of the most popular games to play at the casino and one of the reasons why this is the case is the odds of winning money are good at the wheel.

While the presence of a green zero space on the wheel means the odds are not quite 50/50 for bets such as red or black, or odds or evens, they are extremely close to hitting this mark.

Some roulette games are to be avoided, however, as there are not one but two green zero spaces, which reduces the chances of winning by quite a significant amount.

Various roulette strategies have been created in an attempt to make cash out of this game but opinions are split as to whether or not these actually result in winning money.


While baccarat does not enjoy a particularly high public profile, it is certainly one of the top casino games when it comes to the odds of winning money.

Baccarat - which is extremely popular among gamblers in Asia - is different to a lot of other top casino games due to the fact players can actually bet on the banker to win.

In a game of baccarat, the house edge is just over one per cent, which is extremely low. For context, a game of roulette with two of the green zero spaces has a house edge of over five per cent, so there is a lot of difference between these two games in terms of value.

Betting on the banker has the lowest house edge in a game of baccarat, so people should not be put off from trying out this casino game just because they have not played it before.


Casino games that involve skill as well as luck are relatively rare, but blackjack is one of them.

While luck still plays a factor as the turn of the card has a massive impact on whether the player or the dealer wins, knowing the odds of success can make a big difference in this table game.

Like with other casino games such as roulette, many people swear on blackjack strategies as being a route to success, while others will prefer to judge each hand on its own merits.

In fact, it is perfectly legal to carry what is known as a blackjack cheat sheet to a table at a bricks and mortar casino, though people who do this may get some strange looks from others!

The house edge for a game of blackjack is usually at around the one per cent mark, which makes it one of the best casino games ranked by the odds of winning for the player.

Knowing About House Edge for Matched Betting

When Matched Betting Casino Offers it’s really useful to know which games are likely to give the best returns as well.

Anytime you can use Blackjack with a bonus you should – because it has the best RTP of any casino game.

Profit Accumulator even has a Blackjack strategy guide for Platinum Members to further help increase their chances of profiting from a bonus.

If you are offered a bonus that can be used on a range of specific slots you should research which slot offers you the best RTP and use that slot. The Profit Accumulator guides usually do all this for you – but it’s worth knowing about in case you are sent a private email offer from a casino.


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