Thinking Of Returning to Profit Accumulator?

There are many reasons why you might have left PA. Maybe you were gubbed by too many bookmakers, you might have moved to a competitor or you might lack the time needed to actually do matched betting.

This article will hopefully highlight some of the reasons you might want to consider returning. We’ve implemented loads of new features over the past year, and have some great tips for people with gubbed accounts and also those who struggle to find the time.

What Have We Improved Recently?

Over the past 12 months a lot of work has gone on behind the scenes to improve our product and service.

This is a quick list of the new features we have released:

  • Betfair/Smarkets integration. Place a lay bet directly from our oddsmatcher.
  • Profit Tracker.
  • Mobile notifications. Get new offer notifications, announcements or forum notifications, directly to your phone.
  • New Oddsmatcher.
  • Each Way Catcher.
  • Dutching tool.
  • 2-step authentication.
  • Matchbook/Smarkets 0% commission. We were actually the first site to negotiate 0% with Matchbook way back in September last year.
  • Offers calendar.
  • Gubbed bookmaker filter.
  • Reduced prices. We reduced our monthly membership to £17.99 last year.
  • All tools now included in standard subscription price.
  • 7 day-a-week phone support and customer service.
  • 5 new calculators:
    • Odds Converter & Probability Calculator: Converts odds and calculates your win/lose probability.
    • Enhanced Offers Calculator: For locking in profit when winnings or odds are enhanced.
    • Boosted Exchange Bonus Lock-In Calculator: For locking a profit if an exchange offers you a bonus/free bet on a winning or losing lay bet.
    • Early Pay Out Calculator: For locking in profit from your early payout offers such as 2up.
    • Dutching Calculator: For dutching two way and three way bets.
    • DD/HH Calculator: To calculate Double Delight / Hat-trick Heaven offers.
  • Commitment to help with gambling addiction:
    • All staff trained in what to do if someone approaches them and says they have a gambling problem.
    • Filter to remove all bingo or casino offers from the site.

Forum Moderation

Our forum has been in use for nearly three years now, and it's still the biggest and most active matched betting forum on the web. When a forum gets to that size, how it’s moderated obviously comes under the microscope.

We’ll be the first to admit that in the past, we have been guilty of over-moderation on our forum. Certain rules were too limiting, which wasn't conducive to an open discussion.

Earlier this year we reviewed all of our forum guidelines and rules and hopefully, using the experience we have gained from past mistakes, we think we now have a good balanced approach to forum moderation. Feedback has been taken on board and rules have been relaxed.

Customer Feedback and Questionnaires

We now have monthly questionnaires where members can suggest new features, point out issues and give their general opinions. All submissions are read and considered by the whole PA team.

We take customer feedback very seriously. Almost all of the good ideas we have implemented, initially came from our community. That's why we are so keen to make sure our members have a voice and that voice is heard.

More info here.

Our Offers Team

One of the things we're most proud of is our offers team. They're the best on the industry.

We test all new offers and only give instructions on the offers that are worthwhile. If an offer isn't on our site, then its not worth doing. We are also proud to say that our offers are always up quickly and never late.

We put a lot of time and resource towards making sure you have all the offer write ups and video guidelines needed to make a healthy profit.

Our Forum

As mentioned previously, our forum is still the biggest and most active matched betting forum on the web. Filled with expert matched bettors (admins, mods and other members) who can help you with any questions.

It's also acknowledged that we have the best ‘boost etiquette’ of any matched betting forum. The ‘no chat boost’ threads are purely there for close matches that can provide profit. Due to the fact we have a lot of experienced members, these boost threads are a great source of income.

What if I'm gubbed by lots of bookmakers?

Even if you have a lot of accounts gubbed, there are still ways that you can earn good money.

Chris, who has been a member of PA since March 2015, is testimony to that fact. The firefighter, who lives in Hertfordshire, is gubbed by 26 bookmakers, but still manages to supplement his income with matched betting.

Read more about Chris’s story here.

The main way to keep earning is to learn about the different types of offers and methods of matched betting. In particular casino offers, extra places on horse racing, arbing, dutching and each way arbing. We have the required software, the experience of our forum admins, mods and customer service team and the detailed video guides needed to help you learn and make money from all of these methods.

You can find more information here.

Not enough time?

Unfortunately we haven't been able to develop some software to give you more hours in the day, but what we have done is broken down the process into bitesize chunks so you can optimise what little time you do have, to maximise your profits.

We have £300 a month (perfect for the part-time matched bettor) and £1000 a month (for those with more time) forum threads which you can follow. These threads outline all the offers you need to do to hit the relevant earning target. All offers are risk free and easily attainable with a reasonable sized bank.

We also have other matched betting diaries available, which show you which offers our experts are doing, and most importantly how they approach them. The ones that have been particularly interesting recently are MarkPA and his £1k to £2k challenge, and also forum member MK19 and his Cheltenham daily diary.

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