What are casino bonus codes?

What is a bonus code?

An online bonus code, promo code or promotional code is a string of letters or numbers or a mixture of both, that you are required to enter into a specific location on a website in order to receive some kind of promotional offer.

Example: 22Bet promo code by SilentBet

What is a casino bonus code?

A casino bonus code is the same as any typical bonus code but is usually associated with some kind of online casino bonus or promotional offer.

For example, when registering to a new online casino they may offer you a bonus with your first deposit if you input a specific promo code during registering.

Once you already have an account with an online casino, they may also send you more promotion codes via email, text message or phone. Most casino promotional codes sent in this way are called deposit bonus codes as you will need to enter the bonus code at the same time as you deposit into the casino. The casino will then reward you with some kind of promotional offer.

Where can you find casino bonus codes?

It is possible to find casino promo and bonus codes in various media, including promotional emails and website advertisements.

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