Oddsmatcher Beta

PA Beta Testing programs

Last update: 06-09-2021

Occasionally, we will release new tools early for users who have registered interest, as a sneak peak, to gather feedback and let our users get their hands on new tools before release.

We make a selection of users from those interested, based on a number of factors, to try and get a wide overview of the new tools from different perspectives.

Please bear in mind that this is non-production software. Always check prices on target sites carefully before placing any bets.

The tools may occasionally be offline during the beta phase, with a notification system upcoming. but we do plan to add notifications so that our users are informed of any known issues.


PA Oddsmatcher Beta

Register Interest - HERE

Number of Beta users: 10
Method of feedback: Beta Testing Feedback Forum Thread

We're launching a new version (v3) of our Oddsmatcher!

Oddsmatcher has been re-engineered from the ground up, to process price data much quicker and scale effortlessly during busy periods.

Note: To view update times click on "Settings" and select "Show Last Update Times", the two additional columns will be added to the table.

Latest Features:

  • Data filters
  • Soccer
  • 96 Bookmakers, 2 Exchanges (Betfair & Smarkets)
  • Significantly faster Betfair data
  • Deeplinks for Betfair Exchange

Coming Next:

  • Notifications of downtime/disruption
  • Improving data integrity
  • Fixing Betfair LayOdds for mismatching team names.
  • Deeplinks for additional bookies
  • Improvements to staff mapping tools
  • Smarkets performance improvements, presently it can take up to 3 mins to reflect price changes