Terms and Conditions – Refund policy for the £17.99 price drop

Due to technical implications - customers must nominally reduce their own subscription price by visiting their account page and selecting the lower price point, or by informing us via email or phone that they want us to reduce their rate.

All reduced monthly membership fees are effective from Tuesday 7th March 2017.

Customers will not be eligible for refunds after more than 3 months from the effective from date.

Customers may claim a retroactive refund.

Refunds will be given only if customers fulfil the following criteria:

If a customer was billed for a monthly subscription amount above the value of £17.99 at least 7 days before the effective from date of the reduced rate change.

I.e. If a customer was billed more than £17.99, and the billing date was from the 27th February to 7th March.

If we can prove/confirm that the customer was definitely billed the higher amount at a date which falls within the above time range.

The refund amount will be for the difference in subscription amount (for example...22.99 - 17.99 = £5) and will be returned to their PayPal account or the bank account that they used to pay for the original subscription.

Yearly subscriptions are not eligible for any refunds.

We reserve the right to request proof of eligibility for the refund.

All refunds are subject to our investigations and we reserve the right to refuse refunds, based on lack of completion of the above points.